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These articles will take you on a journey through the details and secrets behind bespoke haute couture weddings designed by Cocoon Events.

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M6: Fabrice Orlando is a dream maker. Wedding planner based in Marrakech, he organizes the world’s most beautiful weddings for for his wealthy clients.
In this explosive docu-reality, TMC followed the adventures of Fabrice Orlando, who organizes the most incredible events around the world.
Married in Marrakech: Jane Lerman & Shane Fonner’s Desert Wedding
StyleCaster: 15 Meaningful, Not-at-All Cliché Quotes to Read at Weddings
SpecialEvents: Dazzling Entrances: How to Surprise and Delight Event Guests by Fabrice Orlando
Overwhelmed by Wedding Planning Battling wedding burnout? Here’s how to get back on track, according to experts.
NY Times: 6 Ways to Wow Guests at Your Wedding Reception
The Wall Street Journal: Small Weddings, Big Budgets Couples skimp on guests but nothing else

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