Reminiscent of the Sultan’s palace in the Agrabah city, it was a breath-taking setting, perfectly suited to the theme. Because this hotel had never previously hosted a large-scale event, we purpose-built structures over seven days to bring Vitaly’s vision to life We wanted guests to plunge into a fairy-tale, oriental world from the very first […]

Burning Stone

Welcome to the enchanting world of Cocoon Event, where we weave dreams into reality. Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of “Burning Stone,” an extraordinary event set amidst the captivating Agafay Desert landscape of Marrakesh. Drawing inspiration from the iconic “Burning Man” in the USA, this unique experience pays homage to the spirit of radical […]

Inna’s birthday at Beaux Arts

Guest engagement was our top priority, and our goal was to keep guests guessing. We set up a totally different look for each remarkable stage of the evening. We welcomed guests in a lush, red velvet lounge that invoked a sense of anticipation and passion. This entrance was a tangible contrast to the clean and […]

Massimo 50’s Birthday

Because Massimo’s guest list would travel from countries all around the world to his ‘Fabulous 50’ themed celebrations, we wanted every one of them to plunge into the luxurious atmosphere of the evening, even before arriving at the luxury birthday party in Marrakesh itself. A stylish location that promised a welcoming base for guests was […]