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Cocoon Events is an award winning event planning agency dedicated to producing luxury events and weddings in Marrakech and abroad. We provide premium services for all Marrakech events and weddings, and serve exotic destinations worldwide. Have you dreamed of a wedding in Marrakech, or perhaps in Paris or Rome? What could be more exciting than a birthday party in St. Tropez, a private celebration in St. Bart’s, or an exclusive affair in Monaco? We take our clients on unforgettable, magic journeys.
If you can dream it, Cocoon Events can create it!

Let us invent your next dream !

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  • International Press


    Inspired by the folk and fairy tales of Arabian Nights, Louisa and Teo wanted to capture that spirit, romance, and adventure for their three-day wedding celebration in the heart of Morocco.

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  • International Press


    As weddings trend smaller, couples are culling guest lists dramatically. But with budgets that still rival large weddings, guests who make the cut are treated to the works. WSJ’s Alina Dizik discusses…

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