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Wedding Venues in Europe

Looking for the perfect destination wedding venue in Europe? Browse our Europe wedding packages and start working with an expert wedding planner today.

Wedding Venues

Wedding in Italy

In Italian, Rome spelled backwards is “Amor” – and it is indeed a city known throughout time for love and romance. Choosing to host your destination wedding in Rome is easy when you consider all that the city has to offer to couples seeking somewhere to hold their dream celebrations. Like the passion of the Italian people, Rome is vibrant and dynamic as are its music, art and fashion.

History has graced Rome with some of the most well-known and loved architecture in the world, and thus many of the most amazing wedding venues, including ancient basilicas, rustic villas, medieval palaces, walled gardens, modern hotels, panoramic rooftops and more. In fact, some of our favorite wedding venues in Rome are among the most recognizable sites in the world.

  • Florence

  • Rome

  • Tuscany

  • Venice

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Wedding in France

Many people consider Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The architecture is historic, the parks are scenic, and the cafes are both numerous and exquisitely comfortable. Paris luxury weddings, our specialty, fit in just perfectly in this center of international commerce and society.

The rich history of Cote d’Azur traces back to prehistoric times. It has been inhabited and influenced by everyone from the ancient Greeks and Romans, to the European royal heads of state. The climate is temperate, the scenery unparalleled, and the tourist attractions iconic. Some of the most famous and intriguing French coastal cities are located on the Cote d’Azur, like Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Nice, to name just a few. There are numerous ideal wedding destinations on the Cote d’Azur, which offers something for almost every couple.

  • Paris

  • Provence

  • Courchevel

  • Cote d’Azur

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Wedding Venues

Wedding in England

London, made famous by some of the most memorable royal weddings for generations, is also highly sought after by couples wanting to host their own luxury destination weddings. Doubtless one of the world’s most famous cities, London combines cosmopolitan appeal with a regal and enchanting history and the most famous modern monarchy in the world.

Weddings in London can take many shapes in a city that embraces different cultures and spiritual backgrounds. Think beyond just a conventional ceremony or a reception and consider celebrating for several days. You can hold pre-wedding parties, post-wedding celebrations and in-between get-togethers at a wide variety of London wedding venues.

  • London

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Wedding in Switzerland

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places for a wedding celebration. Not only because of its picturesque landscapes: castles, mountains, and lakes with spectacular panoramas, but also because it has a wide range of luxury wedding spots, fully equipped for a special event.

If you wish to have a wedding in luxury hotel with fantastic view, Switzerland is just perfect for you, it has plenty of luxury wedding venues. Switzerland also has many large lakes, if you dream about wedding on the boat, for example on the lake Geneva it will be one of the best choices for summer.

  • Geneva

  • Neuchâtel

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When destination wedding dreams come true!

Our highly-experienced and recognized staff has cultivated exclusive relationships with creative partners and venues across the globe. We specialize in elaborate, complex and breathtaking destination events in cities that most people only dream of visiting someday. In just a matter of days we might execute an elaborate surprise engagement in Rome, an once-in-a-lifetime al fresco birthday dinner on a glacier near Courchevel, and a sentimental, intimate anniversary party with a view of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. We know no borders when it comes to celebrating life and all of its most precious moments.

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