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Destination weddings have grown in popularity over the last several years. It’s not unusual for couples who have just become engaged to hear the term and wonder,
what is a destination wedding?

Where do we start ?

The term destination wedding usually refers to an event where a couple chooses to travel to a city or country where they do not live to host their wedding. For example, a couple from Los Angeles could host a destination wedding in Hawaii, or in London, or any other location in the world.

They could elope and host an intimate affair, or, they could host a full-scale celebration with hundreds of guests, and multiple events such as a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception. While destination weddings were traditionally small, today they can have as many guests as any other wedding.

An unexpected journey ?

Couples have many things to consider when thinking about the best places for destination weddings. If a wedding is very large, it is important to determine how easy or difficult travel to and from the area will be. Are sufficient accommodations available near the wedding site for all guests and the wedding party?

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Choose the best destination to your wedding

An exotic experience in Marrakech, a glamorous party in Côte D’azur, a timeless roman villa, a court house in Tuscany, a private island in the Caribbean… We can not only take you there but we can design and organize your moment !







Are you planning on getting married in Marrakech? Congratulations! You have chosen possibly the world’s most magical city for your celebration! There are so many possibilities waiting for you: unique wedding venues, once-in-a-lifetime excursions for your guests, world-class gourmet food and amazing...


St Barth

There is a fairytale-worthy Caribbean island in the French West Indies, surrounded by shallow coral reefs teeming with colorful sea life and beaches of pure white sand. The ideal location for a Caribbean destination wedding, St. Barthelemy (also known as St. Barts) is exactly the type of idyllic tropical playground that...



A wedding in Moscow, the majestic and historic capital of Russia, is the perfect place to hold a fairytale celebration. Known for its art, music, history and architecture, Moscow is one of the world’s great cities, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere. Serviced by two major international airports...


New York

A wedding in New York City is unlike any other celebration. One of the most famous cities anywhere, NYC holds a special promise to couples beginning their lives together here: a promise of something as grand and memorable as the city itself. Describing the overwhelming moment one first sets...



In Italian, Rome spelled backwards is “Amor” – and it is indeed a city known throughout time for love and romance. Choosing to host your destination wedding in Rome is easy when you consider all that the city has to offer to couples seeking somewhere to hold their dream celebrations, like the passion of...



Many people consider Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The architecture is historic, the parks are scenic, and the cafes are both numerous and exquisitely comfortable. Paris luxury weddings, our specialty, fit in just perfectly in this center of international commerce and society. Our planners have...



London, made famous by some of the most memorable royal weddings for generations, is also highly sought after by couples wanting to host their own luxury destination weddings. Doubtless one of the world’s most famous cities, London combines cosmopolitan appeal with a regal and enchanting...


Monte Carlo

Partying like royalty is a breeze in the unique and glamorous principality of Monaco. Escape the stress of everyday life and celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, bachelor or bachelorette bash, bridal or baby shower or other momentous life event where the celebrities go for fun and relaxation...



Courchevel, the “winter playground of the rich,” is a premier ski resort nestled in the stunning French Alps. Weddings in Courchevel are glamorous and ultra-exclusive – luxury affairs like none other in the world. The breathtaking scenery is rivaled by amenities that are worthy of royalty and sought-out by celebrities. ...

Let’s create together your next journey

There are as many different destination wedding locations as there are different types of couples. Some are tropical paradises with ceremonies in the sand next to the ocean’s waves. Some are celebrations in cities that are important to the couple, perhaps reflecting their ancestry or cultural heritage, or they may be dream locations they’ve always wanted to visit. European destinations like London, Paris and Rome are popular for their history and their fame in art and literature, and exotic locations like Marrakech attract adventurous travelers with serious wanderlust.

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