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Wedding in Venice

Who needs limousines if they can bring you to the ceremony on a gondola? Holding a wedding in Venice is a quick way to turn the ceremony into a real Italian fairy tale.

The romantic square of San Marco, the vibrant islands of Murano, the marvelous palaces of San Sofia and Cavalli – as soon as you and the guests of your wedding get to Venice, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of celebration and luxury. Mandatory addition to the wedding in the Venetian style – bellini for an aperitif. This light cocktail made of champagne and peach puree was invented in Venice.

A wedding in Venice with guests will be a celebration not only for your couple, but also for all your close and dear people. You will be able to surprise them more than once during the wedding weekend. For example, arrange a pre-wedding dinner in the style of a real Venetian masquerade. Everyone will make a mask for himself – for example, at a private workshop in the old workshop for the manufacture of masks Ca Macana. Such a memorable souvenir will remind you of your wedding for many years..

For an official wedding in Venice, you need to get a certificate from the Russian consulate about the absence of obstacles to marriage in Italy (Nulla Osta). You need to send a package of documents to the consulate no later than one and a half months before the wedding. Also, for an official ceremony in Venice, you will have to study local laws in advance. For example, according to Italian law, a woman can remarry at least 300 days after a divorce. An excellent alternative to the official ceremony is a symbolic wedding in Venice, which does not require additional documents.

The main question that interests those who are going to celebrate a wedding in Venice is the cost. It all depends on the number of guests and the scenario of the wedding. To calculate the exact cost – send a request to Cocoon Events. We have been organizing weddings in Venice for many years, and we can create an exclusive Venetian tale for you. The inspiration for which will be the romantic atmosphere of Venice and your love story.

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