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A picturesque vineyard is the perfect site for a wedding in Italy in 2021, and Tuscany’s wine region has many to choose from. The region is famous for its wine and its incredible natural beauty. What else might you need for a luxurious Italian wedding?

When you arrive in Tuscany, you immediately perceive that the locals know the secret of happiness. In the sunny Italian region, wine flows like water and laughter can be heard from every cafe. This light, peaceful atmosphere draws couples in and weighs heavily in the decision to choose Tuscany for their wedding.


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Among the hilly landscape and forests, you will find medieval hilltop villages and vineyards producing Sangiovese grapes, which are used to make famous Chianti wines in the region. This perfect landscape creates an enchanting backdrop where you can cling to some of the best Tuscan villas, castles, villages and rural houses.

Tuscany Wedding Traditions

Stunning landscapes are just one of many reasons to choose Tuscany as your wedding venue. Italy is equally famous for its food, and Tuscan cuisine is no exception. The fertile landscape offers wonderful wine and incredible ingredients that inspire local chefs to create dishes that will be both generous and delicious. Your wedding feast will be full of local seasonal produce that you have never tasted before.

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After the wedding, the newlyweds and guests can explore the entire region. You can head deep into the Tuscan countryside to discover natural pearls such as the Apennine Mountains, the Kazentinesi Forest National Park, the Mugello Valley or enjoy a dip in the hot springs in Saturnia.

Tuscany Wedding Planner

Dreaming of a romantic wedding in Tuscany? Contact Cocoon Events. We are happy to make your dreams come true and create for you a real Italian fairytale.

Planning Your Luxury
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Tuscany is luxurious, yet quaint enough to offer a cozy pre-wedding dinner. In the evening before the wedding, you can gather guests on the terrace of an old estate to enjoy Tuscan cuisine and incredible views of the Montepulciano hills. A locally-inspired menu offers balance between simple flavor combinations and the freshest products, most often grown right here. Favorite regional menu items include traditional kachucco seafood soup, Florentine beef steak and “chianti tuna” (“tuna” is made from milk pigs). Pair your dinner courses with the perfect Tuscan wines from the home enoteca, or local wine shop, of the estate owners.

Surrounded by kilometers of vineyards, villas, hotels with centuries of history and medieval castles, Tuscany there is the ideal destination for any wedding. Plan a real Tuscan vacation for you and your wedding guests, complete with excursions into the countryside and a return to your accommodations at an old manor nestled among fragrant vineyard. You and your guests can stay onsite in spacious rooms appointed in traditional Tuscan style.

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