Wedding in Marrakesh 

Are you planning on getting married in Marrakech? Congratulations! You have chosen possibly the world’s most magical city for your celebration! There are so many possibilities waiting for you: unique wedding venues, once-in-a-lifetime excursions for your guests, world-class gourmet food and amazing live entertainment are just a few.

Cocoon Events is an award winning international event design firm. We are honored to be the premier luxury Marrakech wedding planner, and have designed many of Morocco’s most extravagant local and destination weddings. We create equally incredible intimate elopements for just a few people and enormous weddings with guest lists in the hundreds. Our designers create romantic, custom events that tell your special love story so your guests can share your experience with you.

Planning a wedding in Marrakech begins with selecting the perfect venue. One of your first tasks will be to choose event space that fits your needs and dreams. The world-famous jewel of Morocco, Marrakech features a wide variety of exciting places to marry. For example, there are few other cities in the world where you can host your wedding in a real palace, like the Royal Mansour, the Palais Rhoul, or the Palais Namaskar. If a royal venue is just a little too rich for your blood, you might consider, instead a cozy wedding villa Marrakech style. Perhaps you would enjoy spending time with your wedding party at a mountain resort retreat, like Kasbah Tamadot or the Selman Marrakech. An experience in the High Atlas Mountains is something many people only dream about. Relax under the stars in paradise. Of course, Marrakech is also home to some of the finest five-star resorts anywhere. If traveling to a world-class Morocco wedding destination is your dream, consider the beautiful Mandarin Oriental, the Four Seasons resort or the Amanjena Luxury Resort.


Venues in


1001 Nights Themed Wedding

Fans of One Thousand and One Nights, the Middle Eastern folktales that most of us think of when we think of Morocco will love the possibilities for using the stories as a wedding theme. Change the color scheme of your 1001 Nights wedding in Marrakesh, including your wardrobe, each night based on your favorite tales from the collection.

Tent and Bivouac Themed Wedding

As night falls over Marrakech, gentle lantern light turns an encampment of tents into a magical wedding scene under the stars. It is your invitation to celebrate the outdoor life in Marrakech with a Tent and Bivouac Themed Wedding.

Marrakesh Wedding – Riad

A riad is a special form of architecture unique to the region. It is a palace or a home with beautiful interior courtyards and fountains. A riad wedding is an authentic celebration of Moroccan culture and particularly of everything that is unique to Marrakech. We can help you select the perfect riad, like El Fenn for your events and develop a design that will set your wedding apart from all others.

Planning Your Luxury
morocco Wedding

When you select Cocoon Events, your luxury Marrakech wedding package will be custom tailored to your needs and desires. We will first get to know you and try to draw out all of the little details and big concepts that we can use to make your events special. With this information, we’ll create a preliminary design for you to consider.

We know that to travel and plan such an important event here, Morocco must hold special significance, so we will recommend ways to reflect the local culture, like hiring a Moroccan wedding henna artist for a pre-ceremony party or local musicians to stroll and entertain guests at a cocktail party. Weddings in Marrakech are traditionally multi-day events. Even if you are not planning to observe a strictly traditional wedding, you can pay homage to Marrakech by incorporating some of the local colors and sounds. You can even participate in the parts of the traditions that you like the most. If you’ve always wanted to wear traditional Moroccan wedding dresses, this is your chance! There are many styles available, and we can help you find the one for you.

Food is one of the most important elements of a wedding, no matter where it is held. We can help you find a reputable caterer and assist with selecting menu items that will be pleasing to guests of all backgrounds. We are lucky to have an incredible network of wedding professionals to help fill all of your needs.


Of course, we will also assist with the specifics of holding a wedding in Marrakech, like the average cost of Moroccan weddings. We can make important travel suggestions, and give advice about any cultural or religious practices that might impact your day. We understand that planning a destination wedding can be complex and even stressful, so we work hard to handle all of the details on your behalf. Our goal is for you to be relaxed and happy! You can always rest assured that your very own wedding planners in Marrakech have your event well in hand.

Wedding Venues in Marrakesh

  • Wedding in the Moorish Palace
  • Wedding in the Atlas Mountains
  • Wedding in the resorts of Morocco
  • Wedding on coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea
  • Wedding in the desert near Marrakech
  • Hotel Wedding Venues: Palais Namaskar

Modern weddings in Marrakesh

  • Wedding Villas
  • Wedding Tent Packages
  • Riad Wedding
  • Wedding ceremony in the vineyards
  • Creative Themed Wedding
  • Marrakech Wedding Tour

Marrakesh Wedding Services

  • VIP Luxury Weddings
  • Outdoor wedding
  • Weddings Abroad
  • Wedding in Marrakech for foreigners
  • Marrakech wedding planner
  • Decor and floristic
  • Wedding Car Rental

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