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Switzerland is one of the most gorgeous European destinations for a wedding celebration. You can find incredible natural beauty and at the same time venues for hosting festivities with the highest level of service

In Switzerland, couples traditionally hold two weddings. First, an official wedding in Switzerland with legal proceedings. After that, family and friends gather with the beloved couple and rejoice in a symbolic wedding in Switzerland. In order to conduct a symbolic ceremony, you must confirm your status and show the person conducting the ceremony a certificate of marriage.


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A traditional Swiss wedding begins with a ceremony in the church, followed by a cocktail party and ending with an elegant dinner and entertainment for guests. More often than not, weddings are held in the fresh air. The beauty of the mountainous landscapes and Swiss lakes becomes an excellent backdrop for a spectacular wedding ceremony.

multi-day wedding in Switzerland

If you are organizing an unforgettable multi-day wedding in Switzerland, make sure that guests have time to enjoy all the beauties of this wonderful country. One of the highlights of the wedding can be a tour of the vineyards on the Lavaux Express tourist train, which can be rented for guests of your wedding. You can also arrange an exclusive tour to the fabulous Schloss Lenzburg Castle, which by the way, you can also hold an official wedding ceremony!

Wedding Venues in Switzerland

Choosing a wedding venue in Switzerland depends on how many guests you plan to invite. For modest, intimate weddings, boutique hotels are perfect.

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For grand celebrations with a large number of guests, you can rent a real castle with spacious halls and authentic interiors.

Planning Your Luxury
Switzerland Wedding

Many venues for celebrations have additional services such as large spa complexes. They will help prepare couples for the wedding ceremony or relax after the festive weekend ends.

A huge plus of having weddings in Switzerland is that even if you choose the modern restaurant for the celebration, you are always close to nature. The abundance of natural wonders, vast lakes and botanical gardens will ensure that you and your wedding guests will be able to enjoy the incredible views during a wedding celebration.

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