Destination wedding in San Francisco

Think of a luxury wedding in San Francisco and what springs to mind? Sun-kissed weather, amazing skylines and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. As a top San Francisco wedding planner, we know celebrations in this Californian city inside out. We’re here to help that destination wedding dream come true for you.

Once you’ve set your heart on San Francisco, it can be hard to imagine getting married anywhere else. A wedding in San Francisco will have a totally unique atmosphere. The gentle sea breeze will brush over your shoulders and let your veil flutter in the wind as you make vows and memories here.


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Even the frequent fog here is more like a gentle haze and adds to the ambience – the perfect natural accompaniment to a fine art style. The song lyrics, ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’ will take on an entirely new meaning…

Bespoke weddings in San Francisco

San Francisco is located in the hills around a bay formed by the Pacific Ocean on the USA’s west coast. Celebrated in songs, movies and novels, this legendary city promises something for every couple to make your wedding special.
If privacy and exclusivity is what you seek, ask your luxury wedding planner in San Francisco to guide you towards a charming chapel on the island. A match made in heaven for a bohemian chic theme, mingling effortlessly with beautiful views of the city.
If you’re hopeless romantics, then a mansion designed in the style of the Italian Renaissance is ideal for a glamorous get together with hundreds of guests. And for those who adore all things natural and floral, head to the Conservatory of Flowers, the famous botanical garden created in 1878, for your ceremony or pre-reception dinner.
With a top San Francisco wedding planner by your side, these hidden gem locations will be within reach for your own bespoke wedding.

Worldwide influences

If you want to celebrate a wedding with guests from other countries, San Francisco is the ideal destination. The region has two major international airports with daily flights from around the world. As a hub for travellers worldwide, the city has become a diverse and colorful community that honors many cultures.
For example, take vibrant and unusual photos in Chinatown, the largest Chinese community outside of China. Known as ‘Little Italy’, North Beach also makes a brilliant location. Washington Square’s local park has restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine and lovely coffee shops.
And after the rings are exchanged, the bouquet tossed and the dancing done, head off on honeymoon with ease. Hit the road for the ultimate road trip stateside, or take to the skies to your dream destination, whether a floating cabin in the turquoise blue ocean or a totally romantic city escape.

San Francisco Wedding Planner

Set in a city that is scenic, romantic and totally iconic: a San Francisco destination wedding is a dream come true. A legendary town with more than a little quirk, this West Coast gem, made famous in song, art, literature and film has something to offer any couple. It is served by two major international airports with regular daily in- and outbound flights, perfect for couples expecting guests from points around the world.

Planning Your Luxury
San Francisco Wedding

Have you fallen head over heels for a San Francisco wedding? Don’t lose time and sleep wading through the hundreds of options for your wedding day from a distance. Contact our experienced team at Cocoon Events, experts in bespoke weddings in San Francisco. We promise to get straight to the heart of the wedding you want.

Carefully listening to your story and ideas, we’ll create a real dream wedding just for you. We design events with love and attention to your exact specification. With the challenges of a destination wedding left in trusted hands, you can enjoy your engagement and celebrate the San Francisco wedding you wished for. Get in touch to start planning your bespoke wedding.

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