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Wedding in Rabat

Rabat is a charming royal city on the Atlantic coast. Rabat is not only the capital of Morocco, but an important cultural center with strong historical roots. It is a perfect place for a unique wedding in Morocco.

Rabat is not always the first choice when you think about the wedding in Morocco. But it is a beautiful city with palm-lined boulevards, world class restaurants and exclusive wedding locations that can inspire and amuse lots of couples around the world. Beautiful gardens, amazing historical sights, royal palaces, friendly locals. All this makes the wedding trip to Rabat a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Getting married in Rabat is the way to celebrate your big day in a truly unique and wonderful way.


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Arabian wedding in Rabat is a perfect choice due to its amazing architecture and the fortress of the Kasbah of the Udayas. The Kasbah of the Udayas is a 12th-century citadel with astonishing architecture surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Big, full of life Rabat has something to offer to every couple in love. And choice of wedding venues here is enormous — it all depends on your desires and image of the perfect wedding weekend.
Rabat is the perfect city if you want to get married with the breath of fresh air and add some greenery to the event, because it is an eco-responsible place with plenty of green spaces. Beautiful parks and secluded botanical gardens are waiting to become a location for your wonderful celebration. Rabat also has an outstanding beach — the entire Atlantic Ocean coastline has been redeveloped so it can offer memorable experiences. Atlantic Ocean shores are a romantic and magical place for a wedding.
If you look for something more secluded and luxurious, we can offer a range of private villas perfect for a beautiful wedding. Here you can find everything — from traditional Art Deco mansions to modern villas with pools, comfortable suits and plenty of space for the wedding day events.

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