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Provence takes the title for the most romantic region in France. So where better to make the biggest commitment in your love story yet? Natural and ethereal styling are signatures of a wedding in Provence, and as a luxury Provence wedding planner, we design beautiful, elegant, whimsical weddings here to take your guests’ breath away.

The home of Provence-style weddings, pastel tones, natural materials, a sensitive aristocratic restraint and an emphasis on vintage décor define celebrations here. Floral arrangements are often large in scale and spill with both fresh and dried flowers. Think urns tumbling with scented roses and dried lavender, or huge arbours framing the moment you say ‘I do’.


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Given the gorgeous scenery, warm weather and relaxed elegance in Provence, outdoor weddings are a popular choice. If you tie the knot in high summer, an evening ceremony is often the best. Avoiding the heat of midday, you’ll also enjoy gorgeous golden hour light casting the ceremony in a beautiful glow.
Decorate a chateau steeped in fairy-tale history to your personal tastes for a ceremony in the gardens. Many chateaux also have their own wineries, where they may even produce an exclusive vintage for your guests to enjoy in honor of your nuptials.
For a more modern location, there are luxury private villas aplenty. And as a luxury Provence wedding planner, we have the contacts to bring you the very best.

Weekend weddings in Provence

When you invite your guests to jet off and join you for a destination wedding, many couples love to make a weekend of it. Enjoy the build-up and the post-wedding party with several days of events. At Cocoon Events, we’re experienced at tailor-making bespoke weddings and events to suit your timings and desires.
Arrange a private excursion for family and friends to one of the three national parks of Provence. Or head to the Camargue Natural Park, where more than 400 species of birds live – including pink flamingos. For those who love extreme entertainment, take a trip to Wendon to experience the largest canyon in Europe. Adventurous spirits, nature lovers and sun-worshippers will be equally happy in Provence.

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What is the best time for a wedding in Provence? If you dream about wedding photos against a background of blooming lavender, then choose a day in June, July or August. It’s a hallmark of the region, breath-takingly beautiful and an abundant landscape worth celebrating if you time it right. The lavender will be at its best from mid-June to mid-July.

Planning Your Luxury
Provence Wedding

But the beauty of Provence knows no bounds and the shoulder seasons are equally stunning here. Late spring and early autumn when the summer heat subsides enable nature’s beauty to flourish in all its glory – a picturesque backdrop in softer early or late season light.

Here at Cocoon Events, we design bespoke weddings across the globe, and some of our favourite are in Provence. Invite us to be your luxury Provence wedding planner and we’ll make your dreams reality, from storybook chateau to luxe winery to contemporary villa. Get in touch!

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