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Wedding in Provence

Provence is the most romantic region in France. Wedding celebrations here are especially natural and ethereal. It is no wonder that so many brides around the world dream of an elegant wedding in Provence.

This French region inspired the popular wedding trend known as the Provence style. Its main characteristics are pastel colors, an abundance of natural materials, aristocratic restraint and an emphasis on vintage decor details. A distinctive feature of the floral design of weddings in the Provence style is the mixture of fresh and dried flowers.

Wondering where to celebrate a wedding in Provence? A traditional option is an outdoor wedding. For the celebration, an old chateau with a spacious garden can be decorated according to your style. Many chateaux have their own wineries where they may even produce an exclusive vintage for your guests to enjoy in honor of your nuptials. If you are looking for a site with more modern decor, Provence also has luxury villas that offer an excellent alternative.

Provence is a great place to arrange a wedding with guests for a few days. Arrange a private excursion for relatives and friends to one of the three national parks of Provence. Or head to the Camargue Natural Park, where more than 400 species of birds live – including pink flamingos. For those who love extreme entertainment, take a trip to Wendon to experience the largest canyon in Europe.

What is the best time for a wedding in Provence? If you dream about wedding photos against a background of blooming lavender, then choose a day in June, July or August June (best from mid-June to mid-July). Although Provence is beautiful at any time of the year. It is especially pleasant here in late spring and early autumn when the summer heat subsides, and nature’s gentle beauty comes back to life in vivid color.

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