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Wedding in Paris

Many people consider Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The architecture is historic, the parks are scenic, and the cafes are both numerous and exquisitely comfortable. Paris luxury weddings, our specialty, fit in just perfectly in this center of international commerce and society.

Our planners have access to the latest of everything from event technology and materials, to the world’s most famous chefs; to the fashion scene that sets the trends that everyone else on the planet follows. You can easily have the wedding of your dreams in Paris, France.

Wedding Venues in Paris

  • Wedding in estates

  • Chateau wedding near Paris: Chateau Antoinette, Chateau Royal, Chateau Majeste

  • Wedding in the suburbs around Paris

  • Garden Wedding Venues

  • Wedding on the Cote d’Azur

  • Hotel Wedding Venues: Hotel Saav, Hotel 5* Le Roi, Hotel Sacre Coeur

Modern weddings in Paris

  • Boat Wedding Venues: Cruise and Yacht Wedding

  • Wedding Tent Packages

  • Wedding in the sky: Helicopter weddings, wedding on an airplane, hot air balloon wedding

  • Wedding on terrace

  • Creative Themed Wedding

  • Paris Wedding Tour

Paris Wedding Services

  • VIP Luxury Weddings

  • Outdoor wedding

  • Weddings Abroad

  • Wedding in Paris for foreigners

  • Paris wedding planner

  • Decor and floristic

  • Wedding Car Rental





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