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Gourmet cuisine and fine wines, white glove service, hundreds of chic shopping and sightseeing opportunities, and an iconic atmosphere of love… Paris was fated to be the perfect destination for weddings. As a luxury Paris wedding planner, we’ll help you discover the hidden gems of luxury that make a wedding in Paris so incredibly special.

Paris is the perfect place to host an exquisite and decadent wedding celebration. This is the city of love and romance. From the gorgeous architecture and charming shuttered windows, to the intimate atmosphere and stone walkways…


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Start the next chapter of your love story in this historic and iconic city. Can you imagine anything more magical than waking up the morning of your wedding and gazing out at a private view of the Eiffel Tower?

Symbolic ceremony in Paris

If you dream of a wedding in France, we recommend holding a symbolic wedding in Paris. An official wedding requires the collection of a large number of documents. These will often need to be translated before they can be submitted, all of which adds up to a significant chunk of paperwork. On top of that, one of you must be in France for at least 30 days before the wedding.

But you can enjoy a wedding in Paris without jumping into that pile of paperwork. Simply hold your formal, legal union at home (a great excuse for two dresses!) and arrange a luxurious symbolic wedding ceremony in Paris instead. We pour our hearts into creating the most stylish and sumptuous bespoke weddings as a luxury Paris wedding planner. Invite us to bring your vision to life too!

Paris Wedding Planner

Cocoon Events organizes and conducts weddings in Paris with special attention and experience. If you’re looking for a bespoke event crafted by top wedding planners, get in touch today. Your fairy-tale wedding is only a plan away and will reflect your love and personalities perfectly with Cocoon Events.

Planning Your Luxury
Paris Wedding

Paris is a frequent choice for those who want to arrange a small, intimate celebration for only their closest family and friends. Indeed, in the city of lovers, one wants so much to discard all that is superfluous and stay in a circle with dear and close people. A wedding in Paris is an unforgettable celebration that symbolizes the depth of your love.
Make your vows in a twinkling courtyard surrounded by bespoke light installations with a view across to the Eiffel Tower. Say ‘I do’ in the ornate salon of a high-end hotel. Tie the knot in a chateau garden on the edge of the city. The possibilities are endless! Our mission as a luxury Paris wedding planner is to match you with your dream setting.
After your ceremony, head straight off on honeymoon or stay a few extra days soak in the local culture. You could even jump into a cabriolet and arrange a gourmet tour around France, go vineyard hopping between wineries or jet off to the Cote d’Azur…

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