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A wedding in Monaco is an ideal choice for those who are accustomed to luxury and the highest class of service. Little wonder that global stars and royal families often choose this unique miniature principality on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for their celebration.

Monaco has many venues for a unique, grand wedding. This tiny country carefully preserves traditions and allows you to create the most refined and elegant celebrations. If you are dreaming of a truly special wedding, the Principality of Monaco is the best choice and will give you wonderful memories of a lifetime.


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With stunning casinos, hotels, restaurants, villas and yachts, Monaco has become a truly unique wedding destination. A luxurious wedding in Monaco is a guarantee of unforgettable and incredible emotions. This is where your wildest dreams come true, and at Cocoon Events, we will coordinate every detail.

Despite the diminutive size of the principality, an incredible concentration of luxury hotels and private villas lies here. And many of them are ready to open their doors for your wedding. Here are just a few of our favourite celebration venues as your Monaco wedding planner.
The Hotel de Paris is a beautiful hotel with superb classical architecture. The luxury and incredible hospitality make it the perfect setting for a fabulous, royal-inspired wedding. The legendary 5-star hotel has been offering the best service since 1864. Gold stucco, crystal chandeliers, painted frescoes and marble cannons will be a stunning backdrop for a grand celebration and wedding photos, and you can even host up to 350 guests. We recommend a cocktail party on the hotel terrace and a wedding dinner at La Salle Empire restaurant.
If you are planning a truly grandiose celebration, then the Salle des Etoiles is the best venue for your wedding. This opulent setting can accommodate up to 950 guests. It’s ideal for those planning to dance the night away after a wedding dinner. There’s a reason concerts of world stars and major sporting events are held here! Thousands of tiny LED lights a fill the ceilings to help create the perfect celebratory atmosphere. The unique architecture also allows for a colourful fireworks display at the end of the event.

Luxury Yacht Weddings in Monaco

A wedding ceremony in sunny Monaco will be truly special when you take it to a yacht in the middle of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.
The duration of the celebration on the yacht depends on your preferences. You can rent a boat for just a day to hold one of the pre-wedding celebrations here or the wedding itself. Or hire a yacht for the entire wedding weekend and fully enjoy the gorgeous views of Monaco from the water and the wonderful turquoise lagoons, which will be the perfect backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos. You can even go on a wedding cruise along the French Riviera, stopping in your favourite coastal towns for chic parties with your loved ones.
Many people think that a wedding on a yacht is an intimate celebration only for the closest people, because the vessel’s capacity is limited. But not in luxurious Monaco. Here you can have a large wedding party on a yacht. As your Monaco wedding planner, we select options that easily accommodate up to 100 guests when sailing to the open sea and more than 150 when docked.
On board the yachts, you’ll find everything you need for an incredible weekend, from luxurious cabins and lounges to a gym and private pools. Each yacht is unique, so you can choose the one that truly reflects your spirit as a couple.

A Monaco wedding is a great way to combine the elegance of heritage with the highest level of service.

Monaco Wedding Planner

Discover your Monaco wedding planner. Inspired to celebrate a Monaco or Monte Carlo wedding? Contact our award-winning team at Cocoon Events and realise your vision.

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Hotel Wedding Venues

Breathing luxury, Monte Carlo is one of the most expensive and prestigious wedding destinations abroad. Five-star hotels, chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants and famous casinos have everything for a truly sophisticated yet fun wedding weekend.
One of our favourite wedding venues in Monte Carlo is the Hotel Hermitage. Completely refurbished in 2011, the hotel combines the traditional Belle Époque charm with the highest quality standards. Now the hotel has 278 beautiful rooms (including 84 suites) – so that you can not only arrange a celebration here, but also accommodate your wedding guests.
The hotel has several luxurious event spaces. The stunning Belle Epoque Ballroom, the Eiffel Salon with its famous glass dome, the elegant Excelsior Salon. But the main thing here is the gorgeous view that opens from the terrace. Throughout the wedding, guests can admire the beautiful panorama of Monaco, the famous casino and the sparkling azure sea.

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