Wedding in the Maldives

The endlessly pearl-tinted beaches, the vibrant colors of the Indian Ocean, and the luxury of exclusive hotels are just three reasons to celebrate an exquisite wedding in the Maldives.

A wedding in the Maldives will allow you to fully enjoy the elements that this oasis in the middle of the Indian Ocean can offer. From romantic cruises at sunset to gastronomic dinners under the stars prepared by the best chefs of the world – the Maldives will turn a wedding celebration into a real fairy tale.


Venues in the


The Maldives is an excellent place to hold a secluded yet luxurious wedding ceremony. Most couples decide to have a ceremony on the beach. The turquoise ocean, the edge of tropical palm trees and the white sand with a pearly shimmer are the perfect backdrops for a romantic wedding ceremony.

official wedding in the Maldives

An official wedding in the Maldives is not possible by law. However, you can conduct an official marriage in your home country or in the neighboring Mauritius and celebrate the symbolic wedding in the Maldives.

traditional wedding ceremony

A traditional wedding ceremony in the Maldives includes the Bodu Beru, a procession in which about 20 drummers in traditional robes take part. Even if you want to organize a modern wedding in the Maldives, the Bodu Beru procession will be a striking addition to the celebration.

Maldives Wedding Planner

If you fantasize and dream of a wedding in the Maldives, please refer to Cocoon Events. We will help you choose your perfect venue and turn your dreams into reality.

Planning Your Luxury
Maldives Wedding

Advantage of celebrating a wedding in the Maldives is that you can start your pampered honeymoon vacation immediately. Many resorts can host a luxurious wedding and create a special offer for the rest of the newlyweds’ honeymoon – a bungalow with a secluded pool, exclusive SPA treatments, and trips on yachts to coral reefs.

Couples who want to experience real privacy can rent the whole island, so you can enjoy the private atmosphere of the holiday. If you are looking for an unconventional place for a wedding in the Maldives, exchange vows on board of a luxury yacht. Such a ceremony will give a feeling of intimacy and romance. The calmness and delicate beauty of the ocean will underline the importance of the moment.

Another extraordinary place for a wedding ceremony in the Maldives is an underwater restaurant and the resort Hurawalhi Maldives. Spend a unique ceremony at a depth of 5 meters underwater, and then arrange a large, opulent party for friends and loved ones on the paradise island of Hurawalhi.

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