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Organizing a wedding in India is a complex and lengthy process, the result of which is worth all the effort. Weddings in India are bright and colorful celebrations filled with aromas of spices and sparkles of gold. Indian holidays can include hundreds of guests and last for several days. So, how do you organize the perfect wedding in India?

Every Indian wedding is filled with traditional rituals – even if a loving couple comes from another country. An abundance of customs makes Indian weddings truly special. From the application of traditional patterns on the skin to the choice of multi-layered outfits: a wedding in India is an opportunity to soak up the culture of a vibrant, distinctive country. Take the wedding celebration to a new level!


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The main concern betrothed couples concern themselves with is where the wedding will take place. One of the most extravagant local destinations is Udaipur. Known as the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur is truly the romantic hotspot of love and is a charming place in India. Majestic palace buildings give the city charm, and weddings in Udaipur seem like a fairy tale come to life.

Wedding in Jaipur

Jaipur, also known as the pink city, is a great destination if you are planning a lavish wedding with a large number of guests. Jaipur offers a mixture of rich heritage and modern sophistication, and therefore it is incredibly popular for grandiose weddings. In addition, this city is a favorite place for weddings due to its huge variety of venues. The range of choice is wide: from genuine richly decorated palaces to magnificent old mansions.

Symbolic wedding in India

Holding a wedding ceremony and reception in India is a long and rather complicated process. For one thing, you must live in India for about 60 days before the celebration. As a result, many people simply prefer to have a symbolic wedding in India.

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If you dream of a beach wedding in India, then the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are made just for you. These islands are coastal bliss and are located in the Bay of Bengal. Consisting of idyllic beaches and lush green forests, you can hold your wedding away from prying eyes in a luxurious secluded resort. This is one of the most captivating places in India to tie the knot.

Planning Your Luxury
India Wedding

Food is an integral and the most important part of any Indian wedding. At Indian weddings, the hosts prepare the best dishes of the region along with popular treats in the country to arrange a delicious gastronomic trip for guests. If you dream of a luxurious wedding in India, you will have to make a difficult choice: choosing the wedding menu. An Indian wedding menu can include up to 50 different hot dishes! That’s not taking into account Indian snacks and lots of desserts.

Indian weddings perfectly show the Indians’ love for bright colors. If you are tired of the classic celebration in pastel colors, a wedding in India is just what you need. Indian celebrations are a true visual delight, where hundreds of bright colors are woven seamlessly together, decorated in a single picture with bright golden accents. And don’t forget about the abundance of vibrant jewelry! Minimalism at local weddings is best left outside of India.

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