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Wedding in Florence

Florence is the heart of Italian Tuscany, a beautiful city with a rich history that gracefully combines devotion to the past with a flair for modern trends. A stroll down its winding alleys reveals the best restaurants in Italy, as well as magnificent parks and an incredible historical atmosphere, making Florence an ideal place for a wedding.

This popular Italian city was not named in vain. The word Florence translates as “blooming”. Entering one of the magnificent city gardens, you will quickly find that the air is saturated with the aromas of flowers and understand that Florence fully lives up to its name. Incredible parks with historical sculptures and labyrinths of greenery are the perfect backdrop for an epic wedding photo shoot.

Surrounding ancient Florence are the endless vineyards of Tuscany. Arrange a fabulous pre-wedding dinner at one of the region’s classic wineries. Dinner will feature traditional Tuscan dishes, served fireside in one of the beautiful rooms of the main mansion. After dinner, you and your guests can relax on the lawn, amidst hundreds of burning candles. Enjoy heart-to-heart conversation beneath a canopy of stars with a glass of local wine in hand.

What to choose: an official wedding in Florence or a symbolic ceremony? For an official wedding in Italy, you must obtain a Nulla Osta, or document from the nearest Russian consulate verifying the absence of obstacles to marriage. To obtain this certificate, you must assemble a package of important documents and send them to the consulate no later than one and a half months before the wedding.

If you are short on time or unable to fulfill the requirements of an official wedding, you can still hold your ceremony at the Palazzo Vecchio in the city center. The event halls in this area are not designed for a large number of guests, but are perfect for intimate ceremonies. The luxurious Red Hall, for example seats 40 people, and Lorenzo Hall, 50. A symbolic wedding in Florence does not require additional documents, so we often advise our couples to consider this option.

Cocoon Events specializes in wedding organization in Florence. Contact us to begin planning your luxurious, exclusive dream wedding. Let us create a romantic Florence getaway for you and your guests – a holiday worthy of an Italian serenade, and dedicated exclusively to you.

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