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Wedding in England

When you think of destination weddings, you probably first think of barefoot couples on a beach at an island resort, but today’s couples are increasingly seeking something different and unique. A destination wedding in England, for example, is an intriguing idea full of possibilities for couples of all types. Lovers of history, architecture, literature and fine arts are all at home in the country that gave the world Queen Victoria, Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes and The Beatles. Venues range from cottages with secret gardens to some of the world’s hottest night clubs and everything in between. Ease of travel, contemporary convenience, world-class services and a modern spirit make it a welcoming host for multicultural couples and those with special considerations like dietary restrictions and accessibility issues. Couples looking for a versatile, sophisticated and inspiring destination would be crazy not to consider England luxury weddings.

The varied geography of England is one of the most appealing aspects for couples considering hosting their destination wedding there. Relaxing seaside resorts, the scenic countryside, misty moors and brilliant cities all offer venues for hosting luxury events. You might start with a cathedral ceremony and follow with an all-night gala in a regal formal ballroom in London, or rent out a romantic castle and grounds for all of your guests for all of your events. Host a rowdy night club after party or a relaxing wedding weekend in the country. England has the perfect spot for every type of wedding celebration, and we have the experts to help match you with your dream locations.

Whichever style of venue you choose, one major benefit of hosting weddings in England is access to convenient transportation for all of your guests. International airports and railway stations are accessible from every major city in the world. Day excursions to sites like Stonehenge or the hallowed streets of Oxford, or shopping at London’s famed department stores offer your guests additional experiences during their visit. Acclaimed accommodations and luxury-level amenities await you and your guests, making every aspect of your wedding experience top of the line.

Couples with multicultural requirements will find that their needs can be easily met in England at any type of venue. Special dietary requests are no problem in a country with world-class, award-winning chefs and resorts accustomed to hosting dignitaries from every corner of the world. The compact nature and ease of transport in England means that everything you need, from live specialty entertainers to exotic ingredients, can be provided anywhere you choose to marry, and our luxury wedding planners have the experience necessary to book and manage all necessary services.

If exchanging vows in the birthplace of Victorian romance and Elizabethan grandeur warms your heart like the plot of a Jane Austen novel, England is the wedding destination for you!

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