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Casablanca is not only the largest city in Morocco but also famous for its charming weddings, destination for art lovers, architecture and famous restaurants with breathtaking ocean views.

You become more than just a tourist by getting the sense of the modern experience of the present, but also feel and really appreciate the past. Grand Casablanca city is open for you to discover all of its hidden treasures. Cocoon Events will help you to feel the soul of this wonderful city and make it home for your wedding ceremony in Casablanca.


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One of the gems of the city is it’s beautifully mixed architecture. You will find most diverse building styles here — from the poshness of Art Deco to radically modern vibes. That makes the city perfect for multi day wedding events, as it offers dozens of scenarios for the wedding events.

Wedding venues choices in the biggest city in Morocco are huge too. You can choose from world known 5-star hotels to luxurious private villas with infinity pools and beautiful gardens. But there are also some spots for a wedding that can really surprise couples, who are dreaming of a truly magical and unique ceremony.
Casablanca can offer some unique experiences for it’s famous culture and arts. Many of the local Art Deco villas now reopen their doors as museums and galleries. Most popular is La Villa des Arts that became home for contemporary artists and hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions. But there are many more luxury art villas of the ’30s and ’40s that can open doors for your wedding and become a place for art inspired celebration and great experience for your guests.
Casablanca is also well known for fine dining, as this experience here is truly unforgettable. Here you can find both local and traditional high class cuisine, which can perfectly suit your wedding weekend and you can make a new gastronomic experience for every day of celebration. One of our favorites is Le Cabestan with breathtaking ocean views. That chic french restaurant opened its doors in 1927, and in 2011 it was fully renovated and now it is ready to be a place for your pre-wedding dinner. And if you are into the classic Humphrey Bogart movie Casablanca, we should definitely include brunch in the famous Rick’s Café as one of your choices booking wedding events.

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If you are dreaming of an arabian wedding in Casablanca — contact Cocoon Events, and together we will create your unforgettable experience in Morocco.

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