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The United States of America is the land of opportunities. And the opportunity to arrange an unforgettable wedding celebration should be top of the list.

Few couples in the USA follow all American wedding traditions. But there is one tradition that they don’t break – the wedding should be a chic celebration with hundreds of guests invited. According to the American Wedding Study, the average number of people invited to an American wedding is 167. But they often invite 200 or more guests! This is the biggest day of your lives after all, so why not make the most of it and share it with everyone you love most?



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Every American wedding is also unique. Think custom-made decor and bespoke menus. Each part of the celebration emphasizes the characters of the couple and reflects the story of their romance. So, if you are dreaming of a wedding surrounded by all your family and friends that you can put your stamp on, choose a wedding in the USA.
As luxury USA wedding planners, here are some of our couples’ favourite locations for a dream American wedding.

New York City Weddings

Where can I get married in New York City? It’s a question couples often ask, because with so much choice comes a lot of decision making! New York City can offer something for every bride and groom in the world, from chic urban lofts and rooftop restaurants to world-famous nightclubs and romantic harbour weddings. As an award-winning New York City wedding planner, we make it our mission to find your perfect location, so your personalities shine through.
Remember that you don’t have to choose one location. A wedding weekend in New York can encompass a number of memory-filled events. You can have a pre-wedding dinner in a beautiful waterfront restaurant than have the wedding itself in the botanical garden, completed with brunch the next morning in a rooftop restaurant where you and guests of your wedding can enjoy the spectacular view of the city. This is just one idea of many. The scenario of your dream wedding in New York City will be unique.

Weddings in Las Vegas

Fun-loving and adventurous couples will fall head over heels for a Las Vegas wedding. A big plus of a wedding here is that you can spend a hen and a bachelor party in the city at the same time. Luxurious penthouses with unbelievable infinity pools and world-famous casinos promise an unforgettable party. Just remember not to party too late – you have a big day in the morning!
But Vegas isn’t all about the parties and quick weddings with Elvis hosts. There are so many places to get married in Las Vegas and as USA wedding planners, we can guide you to those that are truly unique. Las Vegas weddings are especially good for larger weddings with lots of guests invited. For example, you can host your wedding in the huge Seascape Ballroom at the Shark Reef Aquarium. Your ceremony will be watched not only by guests but also by sea sharks, huge turtles and giant rays!
Or, why not host a more traditional wedding on the top floor of a luxurious 5-star hotel, offering great views of all Vegas? In the evening, when millions of lights come on, the romance will really flood in.

Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

Hollywood glamour, Beverly Hills luxury, desert landscapes and luxurious parties – Los Angeles weddings deliver it all! The city has hundreds of options for a perfect wedding and at Cocoon Events, we hone in on the perfect choice for you. Open-air weddings are especially magical here, with garden venues, mountain lodges, sandy beaches that stretch for miles and private villas with heart-stopping terrace views.
Los Angeles is also known for the famous resorts of Santa Monica and Malibu. As your Los Angeles wedding planner, we couldn’t possibly roll them all into one! So, here we’ll celebrate the beauty of each, one by one.

USA Wedding Planner

Dreaming of the perfect destination wedding in the USA? Get in touch with the award-winning team of USA wedding planners at Cocoon Events and make your dream come true.

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Malibu Wedding Planner

Kilometre-long beaches, warm sunshine, dense vineyards – if at these words your heart began to beat faster, then Malibu is the place for your luxurious USA wedding.
A huge advantage of many Malibu wedding venues is the variety of options and natural settings. Spend the morning barefoot on a white sandy beach, and within a hour or two, find yourselves drinking wine with guests in the mountains overlooking beautiful, dense forests and vineyards.
Every day of the wedding weekend can be totally unique in experience and setting. For example, start with dinner at a family-owned winery. Next, continue with a lavish celebration in a private villa, then finish with a post-wedding brunch by the ocean. Malibu is where memories are made.

Santa Monica Wedding Venues

Santa Monica is a luxurious American gem for those dreaming of a beach wedding in Los Angeles. Popular in the US but lesser-known worldwide, Santa Monica can be a hidden gem. Reveal it to your friends and family exclusively for your destination wedding in the USA.
There’s no need to sacrifice comfort to celebrate the ceremony on the white sand and have a perfect Santa Monica beach wedding. Santa Monica’s coastal hotels offer the finest service, luxury accommodation and wedding venues for 300-500 guests. One luxury hotel features 12 different venues at once. This means that during the wedding weekend you can host several separate parties that will each be unique, married together only by their views of the ocean.

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