Cocoon Events is an award-winning international event design firm. We are renowned for our attention to detail, and we take a very personal approach to events of every kind, including weddings, anniversary celebrations, retirement parties, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs and a wide variety of traditional events representing various cultures.

How to plan your event with us

No matter what kind of exclusive private event you are planning, we begin our planning relationship by putting all the ideas into one concept, creating an unforgettable story of this special day. We focus on all the details of your story, priorities, expectations and dreams for your event. You may share your vision through inspiration photos, or through vivid descriptions of your favorite colors, trends, music, art and styles.

We are experienced in creating exclusive designs& we are as comfortable orchestrating Anniversaries, special occasions, big production shows for private parties as well as  we are producing an over-the-top Sweet Sixteen party, Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah. We are driven by our desire to create custom, exquisite and engaging events that reflect you.

Our designers will create a custom proposal for an event that tells your story through experiences. We always try to incorporate as much of your unique personality into your event as we possibly can. We also include elements of the local culture and traditions to tie your destination in to the celebration.


An exotic experience in Marrakesh, a glamorous party in Côte D’azur, a timeless roman villa, a court house in Tuscany, a private island in the Caribbean… We can not only take you there but we can design and organize your moment!

TELL US your story !

Whether you are planning your event in Marrakesh or elsewhere on the globe, our creative team will help you realize your first public joint statement of style that will be uniquely yours. Our ability to understand what is important to you and to picture what you envision has allowed us to create experiences that resonate powerfully and make us the first choice for designing and planning events and weddings.



events !

Production Services
  • celebrities
  • master of ceremony
  • artist booking
  • acrobats
  • actors and comedians
  • cabaret performers
  • clowns
  • magicians
  • dancers (jazz, modern, latin)
Entertainment Services
  • audio and lighting design
  • venue scouting
  • vendor negotiations
  • scenography and decor
  • videography
  • flower design
  • videography
  • mapping 3D
  • talent casting
Event Related Services
  • private concierge
  • private jet
  • exclusive transportation
  • food and Beverage
  • hostess and greeters
  • hotel accommodation
  • logistical management
  • registration services
  • gift bags



We know that you are competing for the attention of a business world that is quickly turning to digital and virtual experiences over live events. We leverage the same digital technology they employ to distance themselves from their audience to promote your events and create seamless, high profile and totally immersive experiences. A great corporate planner can leverage the convenience of technology to build enthusiasm in advance, community during, and a legacy after an amazing event. At Cocoon Events, we don’t just fill seats; we keep your audience coming back for more.

In the fast-paced and competitive world of international corporate events, the role of your expert event planner is a critical one and can mean the difference between your company’s rise to success and its obscurity. The accessibility of virtual communication presents both a challenge and an opportunity to a company dedicated to providing its employees, colleagues and clients with memorable event experiences.

Entrust our event planners with your next corporate event. We will manage your guest needs, curate a selection of premier vendor partners who will provide you with top-quality products and services, and create a design concept that incorporates your branding, local and regional flavor, and your unique preferences.