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Luxembourg is a small country, but this pearl of Europe has a lot to offer to those who are planning a private or corporate event in Europe.

Luxembourg became a Grand Duchy almost 200 years ago. And today it is not only a sublime country with a rich history, but also a major business center. If you are looking for a location for a corporate event in Europe, then Luxembourg with its venues for business events is just perfect for it. It is also a great place for those who want to celebrate a birthday or other important celebration with comfort and excellent service.


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Cocoon Events is one of the largest event agencies in Europe specializing in unique events, conferences, private parties and corporate events. We will gladly take care of all of your requests while creating your magnificent celebration.

Private parties and
celebrations in Luxembourg

The capital of the country, the city of Luxembourg is located in a stunningly picturesque place, in the center of the valley, which is included in the UNESCO list and is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Doesn’t it make it a great place for a birthday or other private event for a few days? Definitely, YES! You will be able to host part of the events on the chic outdoor terraces, and the second part in one of the luxurious Michelin-star restaurants. There are many of them here bytheway.

We have created many stylish, exclusive, thought out to the smallest details celebrations around the globe. Luxembourg is rightfully one of the unique destinations for private parties. It has everything you need for a great holiday – magnificent locations, luxurious private villas, the beauty of nature that creates great vibes from the outdoor terraces opening views. Do you want something unusual and fresh for your Private Events in Luxembourg? We know several museums in Luxembourg that are ready to open their doors for your special party.

Corporate events in Luxembourg

A good corporate party is not just the way to celebrate an important event. It’s also a team building, cooperation, and corporate etiquette. An unforgettable experience of planning your event with the Cocoon Events team will help not only to unite teams and turn them into a real family but to bring special attention to your important clients and partners you’re celebrating with. And that is why we are carefully working on every Private Events Concept in Luxembourg focusing on details and corporate style with professionalism. After all, the main thing is to create an unforgettable experience for each guest, so that they will remember this evening.

Take this opportunity to celebrate new victories and important dates with customers, partners and employees in delightful Luxembourg. Corporate events in Luxembourg are an opportunity to thank your customers, partners and employees for their loyalty and share special moments with them.

Let us take care of the smallest details of the celebration – from the design of the event to the creation of the right atmosphere for the celebration. You will only have to enjoy the evening and collect compliments about how wonderful, fresh and amusing the event was..

Luxembourg Event Planner

Planning a private or corporate event? Contact Event Planner in Luxembourg for a free consultation from the award-winning event agency Cocoon Events.

Outdoor Event Venues Luxembourg

Luxurious old architecture and picturesque nature make Luxembourg a great location for outdoor events. If you want to organize a special day with colleagues or loved ones, the Luxembourg summer event is a great choice. This option is suitable even for large-scale events like music festivals or theatrical installations in the gardens or outdoor terraces that can be also rented for smaller celebrations of 200-250 people.

Looking for a place for corporate events in Luxembourg? Perhaps one of the terraces or private villas will suit you, offering a view of the historic center of Luxembourg city. An incredible view, luxurious interior and a menu specially designed for your event with outstanding catering experience no one has ever offered on corporate events, will help guests fully enjoy the atmosphere of the celebration.

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