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A country with sweeping vineyards, fragrant lavender fields, opulent chateaus and unrivalled locations for winery weddings, France promises beauty, indulgence and a feast for the senses when you marry here.

A destination wedding in France will be a treat for you and your guests, immersed in the luxuries of authentic French culture. But where in France to choose?
Delve into our guide to destination weddings in France, region by region, handcrafted by our award-winning wedding planners at Cocoon Events.


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Of course, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding in France, then a vineyard location should be top of your list. Blending rustic, natural style with warm weather and a high-end yet bohemian feel, vineyards are a choice to wow both you and your guests.

Weddings in Paris

Paris is so much more than simply the city of love. Paris is the city of contrasts, of intensity, of passion. Each year, millions of couples from around the world jet in to experience the romance for themselves. Getting married in Paris is the perfect way to do it.
The secret to the very best weddings in Paris is to find the hidden gems, and as your luxury wedding planner in Paris, that’s exactly what we do at Cocoon Events. It’s an intricate, rich city full of surprises, and we’ll open the door to the most glorious views and experiences. The weddings we plan at Musée Rodin are famous, and its a magic we’d love to bring to your wedding too.
Marry in a historic and grand five-star hotel in the heart of Paris. Tie the knot at the majestic Eiffel Tower, or in the privacy of an elegant chateau, or within a world-famous museum, which will open their doors exclusively at night for you and your guests. Let’s not forget the Michelin-starred restaurants, either, which promise a world-class experience everyone will remember.
But the experience begins long before you set foot on the aisle. Picture your wedding morning waking up in beautiful Paris. Open the curtains and let your gaze settle upon the Eiffel Tower as the sun floods in. Breathe in the cosy scent of coffee and freshly baked croissants from your balcony as the excitement begins to build…

Get Married in Bordeaux

Perhaps your vision of a destination wedding in France comes with a more rural dream. Bordeaux is home to rolling vineyards and charming chateaux, making it a dream setting for your France wedding. Throw in the beautiful weather, high-class cuisine, exquisite local wines where every glass is filled with soul and history, and you have a fairy-tale wedding with a distinctly French accent. As your luxury wedding planner in France, we’ll make it happen.
Bordeaux is especially good for couples who wish for an outdoor wedding. Immerse yourselves in France’s idyllic pastoral landscapes and meandering grapevines. A great place for a wedding in Bordeaux is the Saint-Emilion wine-making commune, famous for its magnificent chateaus and the raw beauty of nature. In the centre of the commune, there is an old town of the same name, which carefully preserves monuments of the Middle Ages. A cocktail in the old capital of the commune is a must-do over your wedding weekend.
Of course, the capital of the region deserves a mention too. Filled with upscale hotels that your guests will adore and exclusive restaurants, Bordeaux is an excellent choice for private events in the city.

France Wedding Planner

Dreaming of a unique wedding in France that will surpass your wildest dreams? Get in touch with luxury wedding planner in France Cocoon Events and we will create an incredible event for you.

Planning Your Luxury
France Wedding

Wedding in lavender fields of Provence

Picture Provence and one dreamy vision will instantly come to mind: undulating fields of lavender that brush purple hues as far as the horizon. But this image isn’t only beautiful, it smells glorious too – a once-in-a-lifetime location for your destination wedding in France.
Couples fall head over heels for a chateau wedding in Provence, with spacious gardens decorated exclusively for your wedding. Many chateaus have their own wineries, where they can produce an exclusive wine for your celebration. And for a more contemporary twist, there are luxury villas to deliver modern venues too.
Set the date between June and August to capture photos amid the lavender fields at your Provence wedding. The display reaches its peak from mid-June to mid-July. But if you’re tying the knot later in the year, all is not lost. As the summer heat fades away, nature amazes with its quiet, gentle beauty in autumn too.

Where can I get married in Lyon?

Another French gem is the city of Lyon, which attracts couples with incredible cuisine who love the authentic French atmosphere. This ancient city has not yet been flooded with crowds of tourists. So, at any time of the year you can stroll along the quiet streets and enjoy coffee in one of the traditional cafes. These simple yet iconic French treats are sure to please your wedding guests.
Lyon is also celebrated as the culinary capital of France! So, if you dream of a wedding menu that will wow even the most discerning gourmets, Lyon is an excellent choice. No wonder 20 Lyon restaurants have received well-deserved Michelin stars! One of these restaurants is a great place for a chic pre-wedding dinner with family and friends. Continue the celebrations with your wedding in a rustic Lyon villa – the perfect main event of the weekend.

Wedding on the French Riviera

Celebrate your wedding in the place where the world’s brightest stars are holding events – on the French Riviera! A hotspot for couples who dream of a luxurious celebration by the sea, as your luxury wedding planner in France, we will create a weekend of celebrations, where dinners cooked by the best Michelin-starred chefs will alternate with lazy days on private beaches. We just can`t get enough of this beautiful region and can’t wait to show you what it has to offer.
The seaside city of Antibes, close to Cannes, promises one of the best wedding venues by the sea in the south of France. Antibes is famous for its posh private villas and luxury hotels, hidden in cosy pine groves. Here you can soak up the most dreamy and romantic atmosphere of any city on the Riviera.

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