How to Choose a Venue for Your Destination Wedding

Many factors can influence your choice of venues. These might include:

Your Destination Wedding Theme

Do you envision a wedding inspired by an epic, romantic novel? Are you enamored with décor that reflects a certain era, like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Roaring 20s, or Jane Austen’s Georgian England? Or have you always simply wanted to walk down an oceanfront aisle with sand between your toes? You may seek a destination wedding venue that reflects your desire to celebrate with a certain theme.

When it comes to venues, there is literally a world of possibilities. In some parts of Europe, regal castles tower over mysterious forests. In England, manicured gardens outside of country mansions are in high demand. Choosing a location based on your theme gives you a solid foundation on which to build your details and overall look. From palaces with reflecting pools to charming historic sites, the opportunities are endless.

Convenience for Your Wedding Party and Guests

Accommodations and ease of travel can be influential when deciding where to make your vows. A resort with numerous amenities like a full-service day spa, multiple restaurants and event sites, on-site catering, and activities for your guests can make your destination wedding planning a breeze.

When your guests will travel to a location from many points around the world, you want to choose a destination that has a convenient international airport, easy to access ground transportation and that is welcoming to guests of many nationalities and backgrounds. Look for sites that offer blocks of rooms and group transportation from hotel locations to your other venues. The easier you make the experience on your guests, the better the memories will be for all involved.

A Unique Luxury Destination Wedding Experience

There are some experiences that go beyond average, like an intimate ceremony held at a ski-in chalet in the Alps or a wedding weekend with your dearest friends and loved ones in your own private villa in Italy. Often, these are the secret spots that only industry insiders know how to find. Working with an award-winning destination wedding planning firm that specializes in creating custom events in the most incredible venues around the world is the only way to make your most exotic wedding dreams come true.

Consider retaining experts who can help you identify out of the way places that few others have seen, or when you want a more adventurous wedding on a private yacht or on a remote island. Sometimes you need a local to facilitate your arrangements, and other times it helps to have a full-scale production team that can manage things like coordinating regional entertainers, overseeing installation and deliveries, and handling all of the little details that contribute to the most exquisite events.

Selecting the perfect destination wedding venue can be complex. Begin by considering your priorities and your vision for your venue, taking into account details like budget, guest count, travel ease and availability. Secure your venue as early as possible so you can commence planning right away, and make sure you partner with an expert planner who can deliver a stress-free, magical wedding for you and your guests.

Secret Escape Adventure Parties

One of the best ways to unwind and get away from the daily grind is chartering a private yacht and setting sail for the summer. Trading your hectic day-to-day life for weeks of drifting among gentle breezes and soul-reviving sunshine is the ultimate relaxation experience.

While you’re drifting, carefree, around Sardinia, Capri or the Amalfi Coast, head to Porto Cervo or the Cote d’Azur and take a break from the tranquility to enjoy a custom adventure created just for you and your friends: a private secret escape party!

What Is a Secret Escape Party?

Much like the increasingly popular escape room trend, mystery escape events are trending and expected to be the next big thing in luxury celebrations. Highly themed and elaborate, they begin with an invitation to fellow vacationers to meet in port. A series of clues lead host and guests to a top-secret location ashore where anything goes.

Maybe you’ll end up at a private dinner in the woods or a bonfire in a secluded grotto on the beach. Perhaps your clues will lead you to an open-air private concert in a walled garden, or to a raging club-themed party with a famous DJ. Anticipation grows as you progress from clue to clue until you arrive at your next destination.

Often multi-day events, the activities, entertainment and meals are planned to unfold organically and designed to help guests lose themselves in the adventure. One day you can enjoy something very outdoors oriented, while on another, you find yourself in the middle of a very glam event. You can choose your favorite luxury event venues or unique sites in each port, and we’ll help tie them together with a storyline that propels guests from A to Z.

Some of our favorite escape party themes include:

Bella Societa

We recreate the mystery of the height of the Hollywood era, when movie starts and the luxury-loving elite gathered every other weekend at private mansions in the hills or private clubs where you had to know the owner to score an invite. Your guests will be transported back to this classic era, enjoying cocktails and cigars and hanging out with the crème de la crème of Bohemian society. Dress in the stunning fashion of the 1930s and enjoy jazz and the Blues like you’ve never experienced them before.

3D Abstraction Party

Night takes different and surreal forms as the walls and floors seem to move mysteriously, revealing galaxy dancers and even spacecraft traveling the galaxy. Party on your authentic spaceship, while actors transport you to another world. No one knows where you’ll land or what you’ll find when you get there, but whatever the destination, it’s sure to be one crazy adventure!

Choose Your Adventure

As a host, the best thing about luxury escape experiences is that the territory is all new and you get to choose what you want to feature. If you wish to design a quest, or a literature-inspired mystery, you select the important elements and we’ll weave them into the ultimate adventure. And if you simply don’t know where to start, that’s okay, too! Expert special event planners are full of creative ideas! We’ll help determine what is most important to you, and then make it come to life for you and your guests.

Instead of a once-off get-together with limited time, secret escape parties allow you to create a whole summer of memories with your friends. Let us help you plan one of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences for you today!

Spring Destination Weddings – Find the Sunshine

One benefit of destination weddings that is particularly appealing to many of us right now is an escape from the weather! As much of the Northern Hemisphere experiences the coldest temperatures on record, it doesn’t surprise us at all to catch you daydreaming about warmer days and exotic places. So, we gladly turn our attention to seeking warmth and sunshine in a springtime luxury destination wedding.

Benefits of Spring Weddings

In many parts of the world, summer weddings are traditional and conveniently aligned with school breaks or seasonal holidays that allow couples and their guests to travel easily. However, there are also many places that are perfect for unique and adventurous luxury events where the weather is most favorable in spring.

Traveling to Thailand or Malaysia in April, for example, can give you a drier, more temperate climate to enjoy during your stay. The infamous extreme heat of the Sahara is also avoidable if you aim to travel before May.

We regularly advise our clients that choosing the best places for destination weddings not only involves selecting an exclusive venue in an exotic locale, but also considering the comfort of their guests and the variety of activities they might enjoy during their stay. Choosing the most temperate time of year gives you and your guests greater outdoor options for sightseeing, trekking, shopping and enjoyment of local attractions.

Spring Weddings in Morocco

The best destination weddings allow you to leave behind the stress and discomforts of daily life and enjoy, instead, a break with reality. If you are looking for both a unique location and a warm spring getaway when you say, “I do,” we highly recommend holding your wedding in Morocco! Spring is the most popular travel season in Marrakech, so it is important to start planning early and book your venue and accommodations as soon as possible.

Average daytime temperatures in the upper 60’s make this north African jewel lush and green in April, perfect for spectacular wedding photos. Evenings can be quite chilly, so pack appropriately for nighttime events. Hiking, trekking in the desert, and enjoying a variety of sports and festivals are all most comfortable here in the spring. And as the world’s foremost experts in Marrakech luxury weddings, we can definitely help you and your guests make incredible springtime weddings in Morocco.

Tropical Springs

If a romantic beach wedding in spring is more your style, Thailand is a great option. The rainy season lasts from June through October, and November through March are considered some of the most temperate months. April and May are warmer and more humid than earlier months, but still considered appropriate for weddings.

A luxury destination wedding in Malaysia is also a charming option for spring. As an equatorial country, the weather tends to be similar year round, but April and May fall between two monsoon seasons. It rains almost every day of the year in Malaysia, so we help our clients make plans that are adaptable to any weather situation. Your guests won’t mind a bit of rain once they realize that they can take shelter in one of the exotic island nation’s premier beach resorts.

If a spring wedding appeals to you, there are many options worldwide. Our team of destination wedding planners at Cocoon Events is standing by to help you plan the custom event of your dreams!

Planning a Destination Wedding in 2019? Our Top 5 Tips & Tricks

Destination weddings are growing in popularity every year. They offer couples the opportunity to do something different that none of their guests have seen or experienced before.

While every wedding is complex, destination weddings have a few more moving parts, so it can really help to have experts on your side. Below are our top five tips and tricks for planning your luxury destination wedding in 2019.

1. Consider lesser-known destinations.

Many people think of serene, barefoot beach weddings when they hear “destination,” but that is only one version of what’s possible. We highly recommend that clients consider lesser-known destinations, or locations that aren’t traditionally associated with elopements or honeymoons.

France, Morocco, Russia, England, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Thailand – all of these countries and more offer exclusive venues and exciting adventures for couples and their guests. Don’t limit yourself to common areas – open your mind to all of the best places for destination weddings available today.

2. Book popular sites early.

Even if you do get married off the beaten path, pay attention to peak travel seasons at your destination of choice. The top venues and resorts book solid well in advance. If you have your sights on one of them, you’ll need to plan ahead and reserve early.

Confirm your venue as soon as you can and arrange a block of rooms so your guests will have accommodations when they are ready to commit. Planning a destination wedding involves more logistics than your average celebration, so give yourself plenty of time.

3. Share save-the-date information ASAP.

Securing time off, setting aside the financial means and making personal arrangements to attend a destination wedding all take time, so share the date and basic travel information with your invitees as soon as you possibly can. You can follow up with a formal invitation on a more traditional timeline if you desire.

Establishing a password-protected website or app to keep everyone updated is easy and convenient for all. Destination wedding planning software is available to track RSVP and accommodations information if you want to keep all information in one place.

4. Check the marriage laws and procedures at your destination

Some countries have more lenient marriage laws than others. Make this one of your first points of research. Contact the local courthouse nearest your destination or research regulations online and ensure that you have completed all paperwork and tasks necessary to wed legally per their policies.

Alternatively, some couples may marry legally or hold their spiritual ceremonies at home and have a symbolic exchange abroad. Don’t add last-minute stress to your event – find out what you need to know now and avoid surprises when it’s too late.

5. Hire a reputable destination wedding planner.

Of course, it should be no surprise that we would recommend hiring a destination wedding planner, but the truth is that doing so can make all the difference in the world. Expert planners are able to manage the details, offer recommendations, smooth out travel concerns, and make everything look and feel like a stress-free, brilliant event (even when the behind-the-scenes activity is anything but).

Follow these simple tips and your destination wedding will be the magical event you and your loved ones deserve! Don’t wait – start your planning today.

Best Wedding Destinations for 2019

When you think of destination wedding locations, do you automatically envision a beach on a Caribbean island? There was a time when most adventurous couples escaped their daily lives and took off to ocean resorts to say “I Do,” but now options are limitless. Today’s best destination weddings are held all over the world in exotic locales and unique venues.

Mysterious Castles of Portugal, the Chateaux of France, English Gardens and Castles of England

In 2019, couples will draw inspiration from the past, selecting from a wide range of historic sites when choosing a venue for their luxury weddings. If you are unsure of how to plan a destination wedding, consider retaining a reputable and experienced planner to help you navigate the process. Through your initial conversation, they become familiar with your personalities and background, and help you choose the right location and professionals for destination wedding.

There are more options for a destination wedding in Europe in 2019 than you can possibly imagine. Below are several of our favorite.

The Chateaux of France

Weddings in France will rise in popularity this year. Couples are more adventurous and willing to look outside the typical regions for a venue. The rustic chateaux of France are romantic, overlooking picture-perfect expanses of scenic rolling countryside. They are ideal for inviting your party to stay on-site to enjoy a relaxing extended weekend of celebration with you.

Majestic Castles of England

The majestic castles of England are also some of the best places for destination weddings in all of Europe. Fit for royalty, many castles offer on-site accommodations, world-class catering and multiple sites where you can host all of your pre- and post-wedding parties, in addition to your main events.

English Garden Weddings

Weddings in England are desirable for both the quality, and the variety of venues, and for the convenience of international travel. If your wedding vision is more rural and outdoors than opulent, there are many sublime classic English gardens available as weddings venues. You can have a laid-back lawn party in the afternoon followed by an ethereal garden wedding amidst cottages and the English countryside, straight out of a fairytale.

Mysterious Castles of Portugal

Our luxury wedding designers are particularly excited about the increased popularity of destination weddings in Portugal in 2019. If you love the sea, but want to incorporate the mysterious feel of Europe’s ancient castles, Portugal may be for you.

Architecture in Portugal is colorful and eclectic, with influences from Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. The design possibilities are endless, and the food is incredible. Guests can relax and enjoy the sea or take a proper European vacation full of shopping, dining and touring museums, historic attractions and more. A destination wedding in Portugal is something truly special.

Get Lost in Provence or Disappear in the Lemon Gardens of Capri

Not every luxury destination wedding requires a castle or mansion, of course. Some couples seek the ultimate European escape and an event like none their friends and family have seen or experienced.

Wedding in Provence

The culture and cuisine of Provence, France are highly influenced by the Mediterranean. Abbeys, former monasteries, and chateaux are among the many venues appropriate for a Provencal celebration of love. The temperate Mediterranean climate allows ceremonies and reception to be held outside most of the year, and our luxury wedding designers love the challenge of highlighting both the Old World charm and the unique contemporary story of our couples into exquisite events.

Lemon Gardens of Capri, Italy

A destination wedding in Italy on the famed Amalfi Coast, is a true escape from the harried pace of the modern world. In 2019, couples will select from numerous private villas in one of the best-kept secrets of the destination wedding world. The region is renowned for its citrus gardens, often surrounding intimate spaces edged by wrought iron. While Capri is fast gaining the attention of destination couples, it is still a premier hideaway for couples seeking peace.

We are truly excited about 2019 and all of the unique luxury wedding destinations our couples will choose!

Our Favorite Wedding Destinations in 2018

It’s January, and we are reminiscing fondly about our favorite 2018 wedding destinations. It is always an honor to bring dreams to life, but some events mark our hearts even more indelibly than most. At times, the couple’s story is very compelling, or we are particularly proud of a design, but often what pushes an event over the threshold for us is the incredible destination.

As some of the world’s most recognized bespoke destination wedding planners, we are beyond fortunate to plan events in beautiful locations around the globe. In that spirit, we are sharing some of our favorite wedding destinations from 2018.

Exotic Marrakech

While we are definitely partial to the destination that put us on the map, there is so much about Marrakech to love that we couldn’t possibly leave it off the list. Guests constantly cite Morocco as one of the best destinations for weddings due to the ease of travel, modern amenities, adventurous expeditions, shopping and exquisite local cuisine.

The Moroccan people are welcoming and the sights are divine. Many of our couples extend their weddings into whole weekends full of diverse adventures including camel rides in the Sahara and visits to scenic sites. Marrakech, known as The Jewel of Morocco, is home to a variety of venues including numerous palaces with mirrored fountains and long stretches of marble, the likes of which few lucky visitors ever see, let alone experience as a VIP wedding guest. These are the hidden gems where Cocoon Events’ couples say, “I do.”

It’s no secret that our wedding planners in Morocco love producing bespoke destination weddings in Marrakech.

Weddings in Rome

One of our favorite design challenges is to make the Old World and contemporary style meet in perfect harmony, and weddings in Rome give us the perfect opportunity to exercise our talent. Our wedding planners in Italy find unique locations for events like medieval castles, relaxing villas, modern hotels and walled gardens.

We complement the sites not only with cohesive designs, but also with professional-level live musicians and entertainment. Tenors may serenade before a ceremony, while fire-eaters, illusionists, and traditional dancers keep guests engaged as they enjoy cocktails.

Out of town guests can spend time between wedding events seeing sights they have only read about in history books, or relaxing with a glass of wine and simply watching the people pass by. There is something in this iconic Italian city to appeal to every personality.

Let the Love Flow in Paris

On our must-mention list of favorite destinations from 2018 is Paris, France. While our most recent event in Paris was a birthday fete, the city is perfectly positioned to offer the best weddings in the world.

Parisian venues do more than just house beautiful weddings. They offer a view of historic streets, manicured gardens, the meandering Seine and more. Paris is a delicious contrast of past-meets-present (and even future) between its Old World charm and its position at the leading edge of fashion, cuisine and design. You can push the envelope with a wedding in Paris or honor the traditions of old.

These are just a few of our favorite wedding destinations from 2018. Stay tuned as we will soon share about popular upcoming destinations for 2019!