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Wedding venues in Russia

Wedding in Moscow

A wedding in Moscow, the majestic and historic capital of Russia, is the perfect place to hold a fairytale celebration. Known for its art, music, history and architecture, Moscow is one of the world’s great cities, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere.

As luxury Moscow wedding planners, we will handle all of the details for you, from creating an overall concept, to designing the perfect look to executing all of your plans so you enjoy a stress-free experience. We will match you with the perfect sites for each of your wedding events, from a welcome reception, to your ceremony and reception, and any post-wedding events you might desire. We will ensure that your guests are comfortable, safe and immersed in your unique wedding experience, enjoying the kinds of events that make memories for a lifetime.

A weekend wedding in Moscow will give your guests the opportunity to visit the city’s iconic attractions between your events, including tours of St. Basil’s Cathedral, The Kremlin, The Bolshoi and Gorky Park. Moscow’s restaurants and café are renowned internationally for a wide variety of gourmet cuisine styles, and of course, the famous bars and night clubs offer the ultimate in entertainment.

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Wedding in St. Petersburg

Grandeur, opulence and elegance – words that so easily and accurately describe Russia’s Imperial capital: St. Petersburg. Once home of the Tsars, it was designed by the most talented architects of its era, and looks much the same today as it did in its glory days. 342 bridges span St. Petersburg’s scenic canals, giving it the nickname “Venice of the North.” If you have dreamed of a lavish celebration worthy of royalty, a wedding in St. Petersburg is exactly your style.

No other city in Russia has given the world so many contributions of art, architecture and literature quite like St. Petersburg. Checkhov, Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky and the romantic poet Pushkin all called it home, and today one of the world’s largest collections of art and antiquities, The Hermitage, located on the site of the original Winter Palace, welcomes visitors from around the world and throughout the year. Lovers of history can choose from many different St. Petersburg wedding venues, including the elaborate St. Petersburg Opera, an island fortress, or an early 19 th century rose pavilion.

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We design with passion exclusive destination events!

It is hard to resist being drawn to Russia as a unique wedding destination. The country that gave us the passion of the Romanovs, the unforgettable music of Tchaikovsky and the literature of Dostoevsky features incredible architecture, natural beauty and a warm enduring spirit. What a perfect location for your luxury destination wedding! Our Moscow and St. Petersburg wedding planners have access to some of the most exclusive and intriguing wedding venues in Russia, and we look forward to matching you with your perfect sites and services.

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