Jewish weddings in Morocco: traditions and our favorite venues suggestions

10 August 2021

A destination wedding is a great way to create an incredible, luxurious celebration that will make your precious dreams come true. And one of the most spectacular destinations for a Jewish wedding has always been sun-drenched Morocco.

The bright, enveloping scent of rose petals and the constant feeling of being surrounded by a fairytale of oriental decor and songs of the neverending deserts. The ancient, exotic, mysterious and beautiful Morocco is becoming more and more popular among couples looking for a place for a perfect destination wedding. Richly decorated architectural buildings, interiors of stunningly beautiful hotels and riads, luxurious palaces and spice-scented bazaars — this is what attracts couples from all over the world.

Today we will tell you about how Jewish Moroccan weddings are held — joyful, colorful and grandiose celebrations. If you’ve ever been to a Jewish wedding in Morocco, you won’t forget it.

Jewish wedding traditions

A wedding in Morocco can be held just the traditional way of a Jewish wedding. But it is the combination of the best traditions from both cultures that makes Jewish weddings in Morocco such an incredible, vibrant celebration.

One of the most exciting moments in a traditional Jewish wedding is the bedeken, or veiling ceremony. This is when the groom lifts the veil and sees his bride for the first time in a luxurious wedding gown. Only for a short moment he admires the beauty of the loved one, and then again covers her face with a veil. This tradition goes back to the story of Jacob, who intended to marry Rachel, but was deceived and married her sister Leah. It is now customary for Jewish grooms to double check to see if they are marrying the girl of their dreams.

Pre-wedding parties are also legendary and are a great way to experience the culture and traditions of the bride and groom’s families. For example, henna painting is an important part of the wedding experience and one of the Israel’s Most Colourful Wedding Tradition in Morocco. In Morocco, tradition is complemented with special touches that provide an unforgettable experience.

Moroccan Jewish Henna Party

The Henna Party is one of the most significant and memorable Moroccan Jewish wedding traditions. It is believed that henna can protect against the evil eye. The patterns on the palms made with henna will help protect a young couple from demons and symbolically give them good health and wisdom, bless them with good luck, health and fertility.

Jewish Henna Ceremony in Morocco is held before the wedding. In Morocco, this often happened a day or two before the ceremony. Today, the Henna Party can take place several weeks before the wedding, but it is still more often held during the wedding week. In some places you can find an old tradition, when the bride needs to go around her house seven times. And as soon as she enters the house, the party begins.

The location of the party is at the discretion of the family. Traditionally, it could have been held in the bride’s house, although now it is often celebrated in other places. When celebrating a wedding in Morocco, you can choose your own venue for a traditional henna party among many incredible locations. Wherever it is held, the classic colors of the party décor are burgundy and gold. Gold symbolizes royalty, luck, prosperity.

Wedding venues for jewish wedding in Morocco

The selection of wedding venues in Morocco is amazingly rich. One of your first and most important tasks is to choose the perfect wedding venue that has the right atmosphere and matches your dreams about celebration.

There are only a few places in the world where you can have your wedding in a real palace, and Marrakech is one of them, welcoming you to La Mamunia, one of the most impressive palaces in Morocco. La Mamounia has won Best Hotel in the World 2015, Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards and Best City Hotel in the World. The wedding here will become truly luxurious – that’s why celebrities often choose this palace for their celebrations. The location of the hotel is just pure perfection – it is quite close to the charming chaos of Medina and the famous Jamaa el-Fna square, but at the same time it is hidden from prying eyes by magnificent gardens.

If you want to surprise and delight your wedding guests, show them a real Arabian fairy tale! Especially for you and your Moroccan Jewish wedding, a magical tent will grow in the middle of the Moroccan desert. Cocoon Events often hosts spectacular desert events and can design and build a 400-500-person marquee especially for your wedding. Our main talent is to successfully weave traditional customs of Morocco into your wedding script. But the main highlight of the evening will be the colors of the sunset, which will accompany your wedding dinner. And after sunset, your wedding guests will have a big party dancing till dawn.

Dreaming of the perfect Jewish wedding ceremony in Morocco? The world-known wedding agency Cocoon Events is here to make the dreams come true.