American weddings in France: tips and best destinations

7 August 2021

Planning a Destination Wedding in France can be not an easy task if you live in another country, especially across the ocean, planning can turn into a mission impossible. Here are some tips from a french event planner, Fabrice Orlando, on how to plan a perfect wedding in France if you are living in the USA and want to know everything about planning a wedding in France.

Lavender fields of Provence, the romantic atmosphere of Paris, the beauty of natural landscapes and charming castles with elegant gardens — France is the ideal destination for those who dream of a truly magical destination wedding. So here are the best tips on planning a wedding in France.

France is the home for the Best wedding chateaux Venues in the world. If you are dreaming of a royal wedding coming true — it is a perfect destination for your celebration.

Tips on planning destination weddings in France

1. Plan in advance. When planning a destination wedding you want everything to be perfect — and the perfection needs some time. So start planning your wedding in France at least a year before the actual date. It is especially important if you want to rent one of the Top French Wedding Venues for your celebration.

2. Create a perfect guest experience. Guests will have to make a long journey to the celebration — therefore, they will be especially pleased if you plan several surprises for them. For example, an exclusive tour of local sights or a picnic with french wines and cheese degustation in one of the luxurious French vineyards. In addition, you can prepare small memory gifts for your wedding guests.

3. Hire a wedding planner you can trust. You need to be sure that everything will go as you dreamed but accordingly to the plan you and your wedding planner will put together, so you don’t have to fly in and out many times — so find a wedding planner you can rely on. Look at weddings in portfolios you really like, client reviews and magazine articles, international awards. It is very important you deal with a professional.

Differences between French and American weddings

Before you start planning a wedding in France, you have to decide whether to host an American wedding in France or a French wedding in France. After all, the wedding traditions of the two countries have some differences. France is a country with unique and very specific wedding traditions.

For example, wedding receptions in France usually last longer than in the US. In the United States, weddings usually end around midnight, but the french celebration lasts until morning. Therefore, during the work on the wedding menu, an early breakfast is usually taken into account. Typically, a traditional onion soup with grated gruyere and croutons is served for wedding breakfast. To recuperate after an emotionally intense day and night of dancing!

The drinks served to guests during wedding receptions and gala dinners are also different. Strong drinks are often served at American weddings. Like whiskey or bourbon, for example. In France, everyone usually drinks wine and champagne — especially since French wines are recognised as one of the best in the world.

Another important difference is the location of the celebration. American weddings are often held in wedding halls, hotels, and private villas that are rented out for events. In France, there are a huge number of ancient castles and estates built centuries ago. So, most French people arrange their wedding in France’s Best wedding chateaux Venues.

When planning your wedding in France, you can take the best of both countries’ wedding traditions. An experienced Wedding Planner in France Cocoon Events will help you to create a dream wedding story so as to preserve the original American wedding traditions, and at the same time skillfully attach a piece of the French soul into the celebration.

How to choose perfect venue for a French destination wedding

American Wedding in Paris can be a great choice for those planning a luxurious wedding with a large number of guests. In between the main wedding events, you can arrange several trips and tours for your wedding guests, making your wedding weekend an unforgettable experience. What will your wedding in Paris be like? it all depends only on your desires. Here you can host an exquisite reception in a luxury villa, a sumptuous dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant, and an unusual party in a unique place — like, an art museum. The choice is yours.

If you dream of a wedding, surrounded by classic French pastoral and warm sea breeze, then we invite you to the South of France with its picturesque landscapes and incredibly charming atmosphere. It has always been on the list of the best wedding venues in the world. There are hundreds of beautiful mansions here that are perfect for a wedding reception. Plus, who can resist the scent of lavender fields or the idyllic charm of the Riviera’s coastal landscape?

You can also choose a more unusual destination — for example, Normandy, drenched in salty wind from the sea. There are some great venues for events. For example, the Château de Courtomer is a marvelous beautiful castle from 1789, inspired by the Palace of Versailles. The 350-acre castle and estate is a two-hour drive from Paris and a short drive from the ports of the English Channel, but away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The perfect place for fabulous and memorable weddings.

Every wedding is a unique piece of art! Tell us more about your love story and we will choose the perfect venue for your French destination wedding together. Contact the wedding agency Cocoon Events.