Luxury Wedding Planning in the UK for American Couples

5 July 2021

Your wedding abroad in the UK  is a wonderful opportunity to combine the exquisite luxury of antiquity and true royal flair. Steeped in history, surrounded by picturesque countryside and with the romantic city of London, your wedding will be worthy of kings and queens. Today at Cocoon Events, we’re going to share our favorite destinations for an American wedding in England. Make your dream come true.

Destination Wedding in London

The capital of England is a modern 21st century city with a history dating back to Roman times. This fusion of modernity and respect for times past makes London the perfect destination for a luxurious, sophisticated wedding. It has everything you dream of for your big day, from beautiful and modern architecture to delectable cuisine and luxury shopping excursions over your wedding weekend.

If you are dreaming of an American wedding in London, then we recommend taking a closer look at a castle or private manor house on the edge of the city. Celebrate your wedding in cozy seclusion where only your loves ones may look on. The proximity to the city will allow you to transfer the pre-wedding dinner or other events to the city center. Your event guests will be able to enjoy all the colors of London.

Other Destinations for an American Wedding in the UK

Looking for an unusual UK wedding destination? Here are some of our favorite wedding locations in the UK.

Why not choose a venue in Wales, famous for its rich history and rugged coastline? Here you will find amazingly powerful and beautiful locations for a celebration – from majestic castles to atmospheric museums. Many of them can be rented for your special day. Choose the magical Koch Castle on the wooded outskirts of Cardiff, a fortress that has descended from the pages of a fairy-tale, for a truly unique ceremony.

If you imagine a magical ceremony imbued with the spirit of romance, we can create a fabulous wedding in Scotland for you. The scenery is spectacularly beautiful with high mountains, romantic castles, secret forests and secluded private islands, which can be exclusively yours for your wedding events. Luxurious hotels with the finest quality furnishings, history-filled Scottish castles and breath-taking outdoor ceremonies anywhere you can imagine… There is the perfect setting for you.

Lesser known but no less beautiful, you should also consider a beach wedding in the UK. The Scottish coastline is the place to go, with white sands formed from shells that sparkle against truly turquoise seas. There is even a beautiful 15th century castle that has been converted into a five-star hotel with breath-taking sea views. Set in a 3,000-acre private property, a romantic heart-shaped garden becomes your emblematic coastal wedding venue.

If you have any questions about planning your American wedding in England, write to destination wedding planner Cocoon Events. Together we will create for you a dream wedding.