Luxury Party Trends 2021-2022: The Cocoon Events’ Edit

3 JUNE 2021

Unusual flower table centerpieces, luxurious outdoor furniture and unusual menus — today we reveal our favourite luxury party trends for the 2021-2022 season. Get inspired for your own celebration with Cocoon Events!

Pastel colours

Each year dictates its own rules for floral arrangements and event decor colors. It would seem that everyone would miss bright colors after this pretty difficult year. But no — people are accustomed to the freshness of the interior of their homes and want to transfer those calm colors to the world now. Therefore, soft, pastel shades are in trend for parties in 2021 and 2022.

Unique yet neutral color combinations will make your party truly luxurious. It is actually a huge task to achieve this aesthetic — while it’s easy to gather bright elements for a celebration, in order to make a luxurious celebration in pastel colors, you need artistic talent. Your guests will definitely admire the effect we design as your dedicated luxury event planner.

Luxury picnics

Another important party trend that started to gain traction back in 2020 is luxury picnics. Last year, alfresco meals were the only opportunity to meet friends and family and spend time together. This passion for picnics has bloomed into luxury outdoor dining scenarios for 2021 events.

Great food, sumptuous arrays of canapes and cheese plates, soft fabrics and pillows — a luxury picnic is a great idea for those planning a big party by the sea. They’re also an excellent choice for an event during multi-day celebrations.

Paperless menus

Back in 2020, electronic menus became the real deal. Instead of the usual paper lists, we started to use QR codes, which were transferring guests to a virtual menu. This trend is here to stay — and you can do even more by adding interesting graphics or videos to the menu. Reveal a behind the scenes glimpse with the chef in action, or the cultural traditions behind each course.

The entertainment industry has gone even further and now uses the food itself as the menu. For example, sandwiches at brunch can be stamped with special symbols to indicate the ingredients inside. A creative way to guide guests through dietary requirements in style.

Elaborate centerpieces 

Previously, the emphasis was only on central, voluminous flower arrangements. But in 2021, every detail matters — and the creation of centerpieces on each table is given no less attention than the decor of flower arches and catwalks. You can even use unusual elements instead of flowers — for example, snow-white feathers, as we did at our Art Deco-inspired Great Gatsby wedding.

This may be a new luxury event trend, but for Cocoon Events, it’s our mode of operating. For us, every detail, every flower arrangement is of great importance — only with such careful attention to all elements we can create celebrations that achieve international acclaim.

Bring the inside out

Outdoor furniture has become quite edgy lately — wicker rattan chairs and brightly colored pillows look great if you need to throw a party in a tent in the middle of the desert. But this year, the focus is on completely different outdoor furniture: the kind more often found in the designer interiors of modern Parisian apartments.

Position luxurious velvet sofas and royal armchairs on perfectly green lawns and flowering gardens. This is a gorgeous way to create cozy and luxurious outdoor areas for guests to relax. This 2021 luxury party trend will make your guests feel right at home and the photos will look incredible.

Arabian nights

If you are planning a truly luxurious celebration, then the Arabian Nights theme is what you need. The combination of rich shades of deep red and gold will add instant glamor and create an extravagant atmosphere. For added authenticity, create a luxurious Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert.

You can find inspiration for an Arabian night party in the Cocoon Events portfolio. Or just write to us right away — and we will create an exclusive, truly unforgettable party just for you.