Best Destinations for Your Luxury American Wedding in Europe

31 MAY 2021

Planning a wedding in another country can be daunting – especially if you are in the United States and dream of a wedding in distant but alluring Europe. We believe the planning of your wedding should be easy and enjoyable, just like the celebration itself. So, no matter where in the world you’re starting from, here at Cocoon Events, as your destination wedding planner, we’ll share our favourite destinations for American weddings in Europe.

American Wedding in France 

If you are dreaming of a wedding with gourmet food, unrivalled wine and breath-taking views, there is nowhere better than France. A wedding in a chic city hotel in Paris or in a charming old chateau will become your personal French fairy-tale, turned into reality.

Grand, luxurious celebrations are the perfect way to tie the knot in France. The average number of guests at weddings abroad in France is 200 to 300 people. Traditionally, the reception celebrations begin with appetizers and an aperitif. Then, around 21:00 a gala dinner starts, and at midnight everyone flocks to the dance floor.

The greatest challenge when planning a destination wedding in France is the lack of comprehensive information about venues and services. Even luxury locations still do not have their own websites or managers, so you can only find them with the help of a local wedding agency or an organizer who has held multiple weddings in France. But you can count on our award-winning team.

If you are planning a luxury wedding worthy of royalty, then Monaco and the French Riviera were just made for you. Here you can make your celebration truly special – and have a wonderful ceremony on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Your wedding can be anything you imagine. Think an elegant Grace Kelly-style celebration or a vibrant party with sailing trips and visits to famous casinos. One thing you are guaranteed to if you decide to have American wedding in French Riviera and Monaco is wonderful views of the crystal turquoise sea and stunning scenery.

Destination Wedding in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not the destination that comes to mind in the first place when you are planning a fabulous wedding in Europe. But every year this secret European gem is becoming more and more popular for luxury weddings. Weddings abroad in Luxembourg have everything you need for a wonderful celebration – excellent service, luxurious venues and vineyards, which will allow you to treat wedding guests with the best wine in the world. A destination that flies under the radar, you’re guaranteed to surprise, delight and impress your guests.

It was in Luxembourg that we managed to find locations for celebrations that will satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning couples. For example, Domaine Henri Ruppert is located here, a complex that can be perfectly described in one word: luxury. This place is created for couples who are looking for a balance between modern comfort and closeness to nature – a beautiful villa is nestled among dense vineyards. The highlight will be the amazing architecture of the building and the pool, which offers a wonderful view of the hills covered with vines.

Another great venue for those luxury wedding planning in Luxembourg for American couples is the Château Preisch. The place is perfect for a celebration with 200 guests and famous for its unique design of rooms with very high ceilings. At the same time there is a cozy, rustic atmosphere here – although technically it is a real castle. The perfect venue for a bohemian wedding on the border of France and Luxembourg.

Destination Wedding in Rome, Venice or Florence 

From amazing cuisine and wine, to gorgeous landscapes and ancient culture, you can’t go wrong with an American wedding in Italy. Exclusive palaces in historic cities, frescoed villas with lush gardens, luxurious modern hotels by the sea and an entire island for celebrations – you decide where your wonderful wedding in Italy will take place. The possibilities are endless, and Italy offers the most beautiful options for every style and need.

When luxury wedding planning in Italy for American couples, you have an unlimited number of wedding venues to choose from in Rome, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Capri, Lake Como – the list goes on. Modern boutique hotels in charming medieval towns or beautiful farmhouses tucked away in the Tuscan hills promise the ideal setting for a wedding in Italy. If you love history, then a wedding can take place in a centuries-old church, and the celebration itself in a beautifully restored castle or medieval villa surrounded by lush gardens.

One of many famous weddings organized by Cocoon Events took place in Rome. This beautiful multi-day event took place in three of the most picturesque villas in the City of Love. The loving couple greeted the guests with dinner in the gardens of Villa Pacifica, and the celebration itself took place in Villa Milani. We built dramatic arches of white and pink flowers in the garden for an outdoor ceremony. Guests enjoyed unrivalled panoramic views of Rome and the Vatican. All to the soundtrack of live music from violins and an opera singer. On the last day, guests savoured a wonderful brunch at Villa Aurelia. Just imagine how magical your celebrations could be.

Dreaming of your own luxury American wedding in Europe? Write to Cocoon Events and we will make your wildest dreams come true.