5 Luxury Wedding Trends for 2021

5 Luxury Wedding Trends for 2021

15TH MARTH 2021

Last year came as a surprise to all of us – and our new reality has sparked fresh trends in the world of luxury weddings. Today, we reveal our edit of the very best luxury wedding trends for 2021.

Lights, camera, action

The worldwide restrictions led to the postponement or cancellation of many weddings and events. And those whose weddings did go ahead often faced more intimate guest lists with borders closed. And so a new trend was born: video broadcasting of celebrations. Couples can arrange an online broadcast from the wedding venue for their family and friends so that they could become a part of this important moment, wherever in the world they were.

Now, as borders are beginning to open and restrictions are slowly softening, we believe that soon things will feel good again and the world will come back to normal life. But the trend for broadcasting weddings will stay with us for some time. And why not? Doing so elevates your wedding to a new level – after all, before live broadcasts were reserved for official events, such as the Academy Awards ceremony. Now you can also create your own video broadcast for your celebration – and hundreds of people all over the world can become a part of it.

Dream big

Large-scale events are back in a big way and one of our favourite 2021 luxury wedding trends. After spending so long in only our home country, sometimes even in only an apartment, we are all tired of the pandemic and ready for a good party when times allow. Therefore, future wedding celebrations are set to be bigger than ever in order to arrange an incredible celebration that will allow you to feel the fullness and brightness of life.

Destination weddings and guest lists extending to the hundreds – this is the trend that we predict will dominate luxury weddings for the next few years. If you are planning a wedding in 2021-2022, consider how you could bring your celebration to the next level. Choosing a dream destination or expanding your guest list could be the way to do it. Create an incredible celebration, you deserve only the best on your wedding day.

Make a week of it

Step aside weekend weddings, because we are seeing more week-long celebrations on the cards for 2021. This trend is especially big for destination weddings. Just imagine: you’ve invited dozens, maybe hundreds of guests to a wedding in another country. You’re all travelling a long way, so why not make the most of it?

In fact, we have planned multi-day celebrations for many years already. Your wedding weekend can begin with a rehearsal dinner and excursions for guests, then the main event and an exquisite brunch on the last day. But this year, couples want more – and they plan weddings over five days, and sometimes for a whole week. Your wedding is at the heart of the week, but it also becomes a vacation with your closest guests – what could be better?

Go green

We live in conscious times when many people think about their impact on nature. This is especially true when planning a wedding and this year, eco-friendly weddings are absolutely on trend. This means using local food and alcohol to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping from other countries. It also means avoiding using plastic during the event. This even applies to plastic cocktail straws, especially with so many great alternatives available.

Another wedding trend associated with love for the planet is the abundance of green in the decor. Tables decorated with cascading foliage or ceremonial arches of greenery become the centerpiece of an exquisite wedding decor. More and more flower farmers make choosing local blooms a beautiful addition, too.

Warm welcome

Greet your guests with love, care and attention by embracing our final pick of 2021 luxury wedding trends: the wedding welcome box. In previous years, couples have gifted guests small but heartfelt favours. But this year, we’re seeing large boxes filled with gifts and surprises to show your appreciation.

This trend is associated with a revaluation of values having lived through a pandemic. We’ve missed our family and friends and appreciate them more than ever. We suggest adding programs of events and excursions over your wedding celebrations, sanitizers and masks (a part of travel for a long time to come) and luxury gifts. They could be inspired by you as a couple, like personalised scented candles. Alternatively, look to your wedding location. For example, for a Moroccan wedding you could gift hand-wrapped selections of sweets or spices.

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