How to Choose a Venue for Your Destination Wedding

15TH MAY 2019


Many factors can influence your choice of venues. These might include:


Your Destination Wedding Theme


Do you envision a wedding inspired by an epic, romantic novel? Are you enamored with décor that reflects a certain era, like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Roaring 20s, or Jane Austen’s Georgian England? Or have you always simply wanted to walk down an oceanfront aisle with sand between your toes? You may seek a destination wedding venue that reflects your desire to celebrate with a certain theme.

When it comes to venues, there is literally a world of possibilities. In some parts of Europe, regal castles tower over mysterious forests. In England, manicured gardens outside of country mansions are in high demand. Choosing a location based on your theme gives you a solid foundation on which to build your details and overall look. From palaces with reflecting pools to charming historic sites, the opportunities are endless.

Convenience for Your Wedding Party and Guests

Accommodations and ease of travel can be influential when deciding where to make your vows. A resort with numerous amenities like a full-service day spa, multiple restaurants and event sites, on-site catering, and activities for your guests can make your destination wedding planning a breeze.

When your guests will travel to a location from many points around the world, you want to choose a destination that has a convenient international airport, easy to access ground transportation and that is welcoming to guests of many nationalities and backgrounds. Look for sites that offer blocks of rooms and group transportation from hotel locations to your other venues. The easier you make the experience on your guests, the better the memories will be for all involved.

A Unique Luxury Destination Wedding Experience

There are some experiences that go beyond average, like an intimate ceremony held at a ski-in chalet in the Alps or a wedding weekend with your dearest friends and loved ones in your own private villa in Italy. Often, these are the secret spots that only industry insiders know how to find. Working with an award-winning destination wedding planning firm that specializes in creating custom events in the most incredible venues around the world is the only way to make your most exotic wedding dreams come true.

Consider retaining experts who can help you identify out of the way places that few others have seen, or when you want a more adventurous wedding on a private yacht or on a remote island. Sometimes you need a local to facilitate your arrangements, and other times it helps to have a full-scale production team that can manage things like coordinating regional entertainers, overseeing installation and deliveries, and handling all of the little details that contribute to the most exquisite events.


Selecting the perfect destination wedding venue can be complex. Begin by considering your priorities and your vision for your venue, taking into account details like budget, guest count, travel ease and availability. Secure your venue as early as possible so you can commence planning right away, and make sure you partner with an expert planner who can deliver a stress-free, magical wedding for you and your guests.