Luxury destination Hindu & Indian weddings in Morocco

17 février 2021

Weddings in India are vibrant celebrations filled with aromas of spices and sparkles of gold. It’s no secret that here at Cocoon Events, we love Indian weddings and we believe that Morocco is the perfect for your dream destination wedding. We know this from our own experience – we have created some incredible weddings in Morocco for couples from India. Today we are going to show you how and where to organize the perfect Indian wedding in Morocco. Prepare to be inspired!

Weddings with Indian traditions in Morocco

Every Indian wedding is filled with traditions – the abundance and colourfulness of age-old rituals make the celebrations truly special. From applying henna art to choosing hand-stitched traditional costumes, an Indian wedding is an opportunity to soak up the culture of this vibrant, distinctive country. Even if it is an Indian wedding in Marrakech, Morocco. We honor all traditions and make sure that they are faithfully followed in Morocco.
At Indian weddings, the hosts arrange an incredible gastronomic journey for guests. The menu can include up to 50 different hot dishes, as well as nibbles and delightful desserts. When designing an Indian wedding in Morocco, we take this feature into account, and in advance we approve an exquisite and multifaceted menu that will amaze your wedding guests. Morocco is a country that, just like India, is famous for its incredible traditional cuisine and an abundance of spices that give dishes a complex taste. This allows us to create a wedding menu that reflects the best tastes of both countries, a gourmet celebration for your Indian wedding in Morocco.
Destination Indian weddings are a real visual delight, featuring hundreds of vibrant colours woven together, framed in bright gold accents. With lavish gold-adorned palaces, breath-taking fire shows and colourful tents in the middle of the desert, Morocco is the perfect setting for an Indian wedding.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Marrakech for Your Indian Wedding

Dream palaces in Morocco

A real-life palace can become the venue for your wedding day in Morocco. One of our favourite wedding locations is the Namaskar Palace. Lush gardens, traditional Arabian palace architecture and a fabulous pool make it a magical setting for a private wedding. The setting becomes even more amazing at the sunset: the view of golden palace sparkling in the rays of the setting sun is breath-taking.

Moroccan riads for an Indian wedding

The Moroccan riad – it’s traditional private house or a hotel set around intimate courtyards. They are especially famous for the beautiful, spacious patios with pools, fountains and lush gardens. Often smaller in sizde, riads promise an intimate setting for a pre-wedding dinner. They’re also a fairy-tale location for a romantic photo session for the bride and groom.

Private villas in Morocco

You can rent a luxury city hotel or a private villa for your Indian wedding in Morocco, with most couples preferring Marrakech as their location. This is a great choice for those planning a wedding with guests where celebrations flow over several days. Between the main events, you can arrange an unforgettable tour through the vibrant, historic streets of the city and the spice-scented market in the Medina.

Indian weddings in the Moroccan desert

Create a 1,000 and 1 Nights wedding in the Moroccan desert! Just for one night, a magic tent will appear in the middle of the desert especially for your celebration. There will be a party all night long – with delicious food, performances by traditional artists and dancing until dawn. And in the morning, when all the guests have dispersed to their cozy hotel rooms, the tent will disappear like a mirage. The desert will once again plunge into the wonderful silence.

Dreaming of celebrating your Indian wedding in Morocco? Get in touch with our award-winning wedding planners at Cocoon Events and we’ll create the destination wedding of your dreams.