Beauty Tips for the Winter Bride



Do you desire soft, plump lips and silky smooth hair for the most romantic day of your life? Do you crave the glowing skin of a goddess on the day where everyone will be gazing at you in awe? Here are the winter wedding hair and beauty tips for you to feel the best on your wedding day!


For the bride who yearns to treat her skin

In order to prepare for the most romantic day of your life, you have to make sure your face is as moisturized as possible. Follow these bridal beauty tips for a glowing complexion. Add an antioxidant serum and cream recommended by your dermatologist to your morning and night routine. Your visage will be refreshed and ready to go!

The most important skin care tips for the winter bride might not be what you expect. Though long hot showers during the coldest months feel great, it does the most damage to your skin! The high temperature takes out all of the moisture which causes skin to break and wither. Your cosmetologist advises you to limit your showers to fifteen minutes and with warm water instead for more hydrated skin.

Your hands have to look their utmost beautiful since that’s where the ring symbolizing your love will be. The best luxury winter wedding skincare routine for dry hands would include exfoliating and moisturizing throughout the day. Your hands will thank you when you splurge on a visit to your beauty salon and request a nice hand massage along with your manicure.

For the bride who wants heavenly lips

Most beauty tips for the winter bride skip the most important part of the wedding! Luscious kissable lips are priority number one for a winter wedding. Kiss those dry lips goodbye by going to your cosmetologist and asking for a plumping and cleansing treatment.

For the bride who longs for rejuvenated hair

Your hair is one of the most important features and should be treated with love and care during the winter. In order to do just that, go to your beauty salon and ask for a massage with coconut or olive oil for your scalp. Treat yourself to a nice rinse with shampoo and conditioner afterwards. Your winter wedding hair will thank you!

These luxury winter wedding beauty tips are sure to come in handy. Remember, the easiest things you can do is drink water and eat healthier foods. If you’re looking for more ideas for your winter wonderland wedding, have a look at our other tips on our Cocoon Events site!