Popular Wedding Décor Styles for the New Season



While every wedding is unique, certain design trends tend to dominate the wedding world at any given time. Your wedding style may be influenced by popular culture, your heritage or background, fashion, or a passion that you both share. The current top themes honor everything from the world of art to the timeless notion of romance. Looking for inspiration for your luxury wedding? Here are some of the leading wedding décor styles of the season:

Art Deco

The Art Deco wedding theme is characterized by warm colors and strong, angular geometric patterns. This style is an homage to the American Roaring 20’s when Prohibition drove leisure and rule breakers underground. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby is often the focus of Art Deco weddings, which feature ornate furnishings, gold accents, rich textiles and decadent table decor.


A stark counterpoint to lavish celebrations, minimalist weddings truly keep things simple. Designers choose a basic palette with clean lines and bold contrast, and add only a few accessories, allowing the venue’s natural beauty to shine. You might see crisp white linens, a solid runner and a monochromatic centerpiece with simple votives to enhance the ambiance. Don’t be fooled, however. Minimalist décor does not equate to lack of quality or style. Quite to the contrary – in exclusive wedding design, premium elements like the highest quality linens, tableware and floral pieces are the markers of a rare and truly special experience.


Traditional signs of romance create an ethereal, almost dreamlike setting for many weddings these days. Soft, pale palettes overflowing in florals and subtle lighting are the signature details of romantic weddings. Garden and waterfront settings pair well with the romantic style, although it can be adapted for many different sites, including most exotic wedding venues.

Fine Art

An exciting and eclectic newer wedding theme is a focus on the world of fine art. While variations on this style are as different as individual tastes in art, one more common iteration is the watercolor-inspired palette, which not only appears in floral design, but also across details such as invitations, printed menus, and sometimes even on to floral-print bridesmaid gowns. The visual designs of the fine art wedding are complemented by artisanal menu items, live music and sometimes even live artists capturing the scene in real time in front of guests.

Boho Chic

This bohemian-inspired movement has become one of the most popular wedding styles in luxury event design. Think back to the peace-and-love 1960s and the way that all things natural were en vogue, and you begin to get a feel for Boho Chic. These weddings have recently included “Glamping” tents, oversized cushions in place of chairs, lantern lit-paths into forest-inspired outdoor lounges, and generous arrangements of wildflowers at ceremonies and receptions alike. Wreaths of twisted flowers are often must-have fashion accessories at Boho Chic weddings.


Awareness isn’t foreign to the wedding world, and the current attention to environment and sustainability has sparked another of the season’s most exciting styles: organic weddings. This style is inspired by nature with earthy palettes and unique textures. Pampas grass and rattan furniture are two of this year’s most prominent organic design elements. They are more versatile than one might imagine, accentuating the décor at beach weddings, garden ceremonies, and luxury destination events.

These are just a few of the most popular wedding design styles of today. There is something out there for every couple, along with a top wedding designer waiting anxiously to bring your vision to life!