2020 Wedding Trends You Can’t Miss

29TH JULY 2020

Prince William and Kate Middleton dropped $34 million on their wedding, setting trends for the years to come. Every big celebrity wedding sparks a new set of trends that define the style for the next few seasons. So if you want to feel like a star on your big day, you need to pay attention to the top wedding trends of 2020.

2020 Wedding Food Trends to Incorporate in Your Menu

This year, weddings are experiencing a cuisine throwback to some all-time crowd-pleasers. On the menu, you’ll find dishes like grilled cheese and ramen. The idea is that you should serve food you already love that you’ll want to eat. Likely, your guests will love it too.


Instead of focusing on high-end, extravagant dishes, focus on plating comfort foods in a beautiful way. Doing so makes any dish capable of attending any style wedding – even a fancy black gala wedding.


If you want to focus on sustainable choices in your wedding, consider serving a plant-based menu. These options are becoming more popular and affordable due to popular demand and a growing concern for our planet.

The Best Wedding Color Trends

This year, weddings are seeing a return to earthy tones and soft natural colors. Popular color combos include tones of terracotta and greenery; light blue, dusty blue, and greenery; or sage and light terracotta. Consider wedding colors in softer shades and avoid punchy brights.

Wedding Hair Accessories for 2020

This year in wedding hair accessories, headbands that practically double as tiaras are popular. We’re also seeing floral patterns continue their popularity in hair accessories. If you’re looking for a more minimalist approach, barrettes and circlets are also trending. And of course, the traditional wedding veil is always in style.

2020 Wedding Decor Trends To Pay Attention To

One of the biggest decor trends in 2020 is sustainability. Brides and grooms are less interested in decor that’s going to be thrown out after the big day. Instead, they’re opting for simpler decor that can be used again and again in the name of sustainability.


Large group events are a theme of the past and instead, people are opting for smaller ceremonies with close-knit groups. The decor reflects this as things can be more personalized for specific guests and the couple’s style.


Weddings are also straying further and further away from standard traditions and becoming more unique and personalized. Thus, it’s hard to really suggest decor trends every bride should consider. What’s trendy is to design your wedding day exactly the way you want it.

For an elegant statement wedding, pay attention to the biggest 2020 wedding trends going on in 2020. They’ll help you design a modern wedding you’ll remember forever. But more importantly, listen to your inner voice, and think about the styles you prefer as a couple. The biggest trends in 2020 are about creating your own style and traditions, and making a memory that is special and unique to you.


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