Spring Destination Weddings – Find the Sunshine

4TH MARCH 2019


One benefit of destination weddings that is particularly appealing to many of us right now is an escape from the weather! As much of the Northern Hemisphere experiences the coldest temperatures on record, it doesn’t surprise us at all to catch you daydreaming about warmer days and exotic places. So, we gladly turn our attention to seeking warmth and sunshine in a springtime luxury destination wedding.

Benefits of Spring Weddings

In many parts of the world, summer weddings are traditional and conveniently aligned with school breaks or seasonal holidays that allow couples and their guests to travel easily. However, there are also many places that are perfect for unique and adventurous luxury events where the weather is most favorable in spring.

Traveling to Thailand or Malaysia in April, for example, can give you a drier, more temperate climate to enjoy during your stay. The infamous extreme heat of the Sahara is also avoidable if you aim to travel before May.

We regularly advise our clients that choosing the best places for destination weddings not only involves selecting an exclusive venue in an exotic locale, but also considering the comfort of their guests and the variety of activities they might enjoy during their stay. Choosing the most temperate time of year gives you and your guests greater outdoor options for sightseeing, trekking, shopping and enjoyment of local attractions.

Spring Weddings in Morocco

The best destination weddings allow you to leave behind the stress and discomforts of daily life and enjoy, instead, a break with reality. If you are looking for both a unique location and a warm spring getaway when you say, “I do,” we highly recommend holding your wedding in Morocco! Spring is the most popular travel season in Marrakech, so it is important to start planning early and book your venue and accommodations as soon as possible.

Average daytime temperatures in the upper 60’s make this north African jewel lush and green in April, perfect for spectacular wedding photos. Evenings can be quite chilly, so pack appropriately for nighttime events. Hiking, trekking in the desert, and enjoying a variety of sports and festivals are all most comfortable here in the spring. And as the world’s foremost experts in Marrakech luxury weddings, we can definitely help you and your guests make incredible springtime weddings in Morocco.

Tropical Springs

If a romantic beach wedding in spring is more your style, Thailand is a great option. The rainy season lasts from June through October, and November through March are considered some of the most temperate months. April and May are warmer and more humid than earlier months, but still considered appropriate for weddings.

A luxury destination wedding in Malaysia is also a charming option for spring. As an equatorial country, the weather tends to be similar year round, but April and May fall between two monsoon seasons. It rains almost every day of the year in Malaysia, so we help our clients make plans that are adaptable to any weather situation. Your guests won’t mind a bit of rain once they realize that they can take shelter in one of the exotic island nation’s premier beach resorts.

If a spring wedding appeals to you, there are many options worldwide. Our team of destination wedding planners at Cocoon Events is standing by to help you plan the custom event of your dreams!