When Should You Start Looking for Your Wedding Dress?



Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting moments of your engagement. You may have dreamed of your perfect wedding ensemble since you were born, or this might be the first time you have ever given it much thought. Either way, your ultimate gown selection makes a big impact on the design of your event, as well as the logistics, so consult your destination wedding planner early for advice, and start shopping for your wedding dress as soon as you possibly can.

An Emotional Decision
Even our most senior luxury wedding designers, all of whom have seen more than their fair share of wedding gowns over time, still get emotional when we see a client emerge from the dressing room in her perfect dress. However, this never happens the first time. You need more than one appointment before you finalize your decision, so be prepared.

The editorial team at The Wedding Ideas Mag agree, saying, “Looking for your wedding dress is an experience that simply can’t be rushed. In fact, even when you’ve seen hundreds of bridal gowns before, like our Deputy Editor and bride-to-be Becci has, finding ‘the one’ still takes time – four boutiques in, she’s still undecided, and it’s okay if you feel that way too.”

In fact, most of our clients will make at least two to four wardrobe changes during their events, celebrating a variety of cultural practices and traditions, so you can imagine that the search can be pretty long and exhausting. It is important to start early to ensure that your wedding gown or outfits are delivered for your luxury wedding in plenty of time.

Begin Your Search Early

So, when should you begin your search for the perfect destination wedding dress?
If you are planning a long engagement, it is best to start the search for your wedding wardrobe at least 12 to 18 months before the wedding. In addition to the time you will need to attend boutique appointments and make the big decision, dress designers often need months in order to make and ship your gown to you. Once it arrives, you will almost always need to have it custom-tailored. In peak season, this can take anywhere from hours to weeks.

In other words, when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress, the earlier, the better.

The best destination weddings are stress-free events. You can help reduce your anxiety by consulting with your luxury wedding planner in advance to determine the safest way to transport your dress to your wedding destination. Some circumstances might call for shipping your wardrobe in advance, while others entail making carry on arrangements with your airline.

Destination Wedding Factors

The airports where you depart and arrive, as well as the policies of your air carrier will impact this decision. Destination weddings in London, Paris, Rome and other major world cities involve large international airports with abundant options and amenities to assist travelers.

If you are going somewhere more adventurous and remote, you may need to exercise more strategy to ensure that your dress arrives in top condition. As soon as you have a dress selected and know where and when you will travel, ask your destination wedding planner for specific advice.

The idea of taking your perfect wedding dress and entrusting an airline or package service to deliver it safely is nerve wracking at best, and is one of those processes few people warn you about when they explain how to plan a destination wedding. You can make everything about your destination wedding easier by contracting veteran luxury wedding designers like Cocoon Events to handle everything all the details and deliver your unique, dream-come-true event.