Winter Wedding Entertainment Ideas and Trends



Do you need inspiration for a remarkable and memorable winter wedding entertainment? Begin your journey with these ideas and trends that are sublime and will have you and your guests captivated from start to finish.

Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

The first few precious moments of your wedding should dazzle your guests. Begin your winter wedding extravaganza the right way with a spectacular entrance! Illuminate your reception with dreamy fairy lights that can make your overall look magical. Hang luscious green ivy along with silky, snow-white drapes along the ceiling for an ethereal look. To go the extra mile, build an arch made from a birch tree and wild winter roses with wisps of baby’s-breath flowers.

Inspire yourself with these ideas for a winter wedding inspired reception. Do you desire a breathtaking wonderland? Envision your reception in an indoor winter forest. By using sparkling silver branches in glittering vases as centerpieces or draping white roses along the table, you can take your wedding to another level of glamor. Do you wish to keep a romantic theme but would still like to have certain areas dedicated to the season? Imagine a lavish lounge with plush white seating where your guests can cuddle with blankets and sip on hot mulled wine or hot chocolate. These areas can even include small performances for your guests!

If you find yourself struggling with mountain wedding ideas, don’t worry. Add special occasion activities outside! One activity could include an incredible view of nature on a horse-drawn carriage. Another activity could include gathering everyone around a fire. Whether it’s on a mountain or not, your guests can always listen to some live music.

Fire performances can light up a winter wedding! This is one of the best wedding reception entertainment ideas because it keeps everyone entertained and warm. It’s a rush of excitement and a whirlwind of emotions. For an even better effect, wait until the sun goes down so that the fire can stand out completely in the dark.

Winter Wedding Entertainment: Trends

Your winter wedding inspiration of ideas can lead you down new paths yet unexplored. Don’t forget that planning a wedding is about creating an experience. The love between two people is meant to be the grand pillar, so put that at the heart of the evening with an immersive journey for your guests. Tell your love story with pictures and videos from the day you first met.

Photo booths are now being replaced with animated and 3D photography services. Gone are the days of flat pictures. It’s time for the new. Place a photo booth that captures the candid moments of your wedding. Have a rustic chic backdrop or a delicate snowfall and let your guests beam with joy!

Luxury winter wedding planning wouldn’t be complete without the lush gastronomical experiences. With a winter wedding, the options are endless. Crispy oven-toasted pumpkin bruschetta, deliciously creamy lobster bisque, and a savory salmon harvest salad are just the beginning of a stylish and elegant dinner to remember. Unique hot cocktails like spiked hot chocolate and cinnamon apple cider can be paired wonderfully with your hearty menu.

An Eco-friendly wedding is the trend that is here to stay. Keep with the wintry theme and take the trend even further by serving traditional cocktails in frosty ice glasses. Not only will you have one of the more distinctive weddings of the year, your wedding will be saving the environment. Guests will marvel at how their Old Fashioned and dirty martini stay icy cold.

Are you planning a winter wedding? We are here to help you. From a magical winter wedding in Courchevel to the ice hotels in Sweden, nothing is too divine or whimsical. Contact Cocoon Events so we can plan your magical winter wedding together.