Luxury Winter Weddings: Themes and Tips



Couples often choose spring or summer for a chic wedding abroad. But winter is a perfect time for an unusual, truly fabulous wedding. And if you arrange everything correctly – the cold won`t be a problem at all. Here are some tips who to plan a truly wonderful winter wedding.

Best countries for winter weddings

The first thing you need to do is to choose the perfect winter wedding destination. Not all the popular countries look as good in winter as in summer. Start your search from the winter classics. For example, Courchevel – a first-class ski resort in French Alps. Courchevel has both breathtaking landscapes and excellent service, worthy of world celebrities and royal families.


Cozy and luxurious at the same time – Courchevel chalets are ideal for small weddings or as a place to stay for the guests. If you want to have a bigger celebration – in Courchevel`s restaurants you can arrange a reception for around 100-150 guests. Another popular European winter resort – St. Moritz – will be a great place for an exclusive wedding for up to 200 guests. For examplr, wedding can be held in the magnificent halls of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

If you are dreaming about winter wedding in Europe, you must be sure that the chosen place will look gorgeous in the winter. In most of the European capitals you will never guess beforehand whether there will be snow in the chosen month or no. Without white snow many destinations become pretty faded and gray.

The decor and theme for the winter wedding

Winter wedding can look like an old postcards coming to life or beautiful scenery from the Chronicles of Narnia. Although in winter many locations look like a fairy tail themselves – so do not need any more styling or heavy decorations. All you will need to do is to emphasize the natural beauty of the place and surroundings.


Here are some tips about decoration of your winter wedding – use dry flowers, choose expensive fabrics (for example, velvet) and add some shine with silver or gold details. Winter also is a great chance to make even most luxurious wedding really cozy. Prepare soft, warm blankets for guests or make the fireplace area with a small bar. Don`t forget about the light – candles will fill the winter wedding with a truly fabulous atmosphere.

In winter everything whispers `Christmas`, but still let the wedding remain a separate celebration. Another reason not to mix the winter wedding with other celebrations is difficulties with booking the desired place if the date falls on another holiday. Especially if you are planning a big party abroad and invite more than 100 guests. Many restaurants have their own events during the winter holidays and are unavailable for booking. If you need to plan a wedding on dates of another holiday – for example, Valentine’s Day – start looking for a place in advance (at least 8 months before the wedding date).


Be sure to decorate the outdoor area. Guests will spend most of the time inside, but the outside area should maintain the overall atmosphere of a wedding. Create an outside photo zone, use candles and street illumination or make ice sculptures of the bride and groom. And put a small bar with hot drinks outside – so guests can quickly warm up and keep enjoying winter views.

Winter wedding entertainment

If you are arranging a multiple days wedding abroad, then the ski resort is a perfect place. You can spend couple days skiing, than spend another day in the SPA hotel with a sauna and a hot pool outside, from where you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Weekend with sports and relaxing SPA day will prepare you and your guests for the main event – your wedding.

Another important thing is winter wedding menu. It differs significantly from the summer one. Light snacks and fruits won`t be enough. Create a heavier snack menu and add more meat dishes. Also prepare a separate winter cocktail menu – it must include hot drinks. Come up with special hot cocktails inspired by the favorite tastes of the bride and groom.

Do not forget about small gifts for guests after your fabulous winter wedding. Favors can also be themed – so that they remind of a wedding holiday. Candles and sweets with ginger and cinnamon are great for small gifts. Or buy for everyone knitted scarves or cashmere capes. So guests will be able to warm up during the wedding and keep warm memories for many years after.