Tips and tricks for planning your destination wedding



Destination weddings are growing in popularity every year. They offer couples the opportunity to do something different that none of their guests have seen or experienced before.

While every wedding is complex, destination weddings have a few more moving parts, so it can really help to have experts on your side. Below are our top five tips and tricks for planning your luxury destination wedding in 2019.

1. Consider lesser-known destinations.

Many people think of serene, barefoot beach weddings when they hear “destination,” but that is only one version of what’s possible. We highly recommend that clients consider lesser-known destinations, or locations that aren’t traditionally associated with elopements or honeymoons.

France, Morocco, Russia, England, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Thailand – all of these countries and more offer exclusive venues and exciting adventures for couples and their guests. Don’t limit yourself to common areas – open your mind to all of the best places for destination weddings available today.

2. Book popular sites early.

Even if you do get married off the beaten path, pay attention to peak travel seasons at your destination of choice. The top venues and resorts book solid well in advance. If you have your sights on one of them, you’ll need to plan ahead and reserve early.

Confirm your venue as soon as you can and arrange a block of rooms so your guests will have accommodations when they are ready to commit. Planning a destination wedding involves more logistics than your average celebration, so give yourself plenty of time.

3. Share save-the-date information ASAP.

Securing time off, setting aside the financial means and making personal arrangements to attend a destination wedding all take time, so share the date and basic travel information with your invitees as soon as you possibly can. You can follow up with a formal invitation on a more traditional timeline if you desire.

Establishing a password-protected website or app to keep everyone updated is easy and convenient for all. Destination wedding planning software is available to track RSVP and accommodations information if you want to keep all information in one place.

4. Check the marriage laws and procedures at your destination

Some countries have more lenient marriage laws than others. Make this one of your first points of research. Contact the local courthouse nearest your destination or research regulations online and ensure that you have completed all paperwork and tasks necessary to wed legally per their policies.

Alternatively, some couples may marry legally or hold their spiritual ceremonies at home and have a symbolic exchange abroad. Don’t add last-minute stress to your event – find out what you need to know now and avoid surprises when it’s too late.

5. Hire a reputable destination wedding planner.
Of course, it should be no surprise that we would recommend hiring a destination wedding planner, but the truth is that doing so can make all the difference in the world. Expert planners are able to manage the details, offer recommendations, smooth out travel concerns, and make everything look and feel like a stress-free, brilliant event (even when the behind-the-scenes activity is anything but).