When you think of destination wedding locations, do you automatically envision a beach on a Caribbean island? There was a time when most adventurous couples escaped their daily lives and took off to ocean resorts to say “I Do,” but now options are limitless. Today’s best destination weddings are held all over the world in exotic locales and unique venues.

Mysterious Castles of Portugal, the Chateaux of France, English Gardens and Castles of England

In 2019, couples will draw inspiration from the past, selecting from a wide range of historic sites when choosing a venue for their luxury weddings. If you are unsure of how to plan a destination wedding, consider retaining a reputable and experienced planner to help you navigate the process. Through your initial conversation, they become familiar with your personalities and background, and help you choose the right location and professionals for destination wedding.

There are more options for a destination wedding in Europe in 2019 than you can possibly imagine. Below are several of our favorite.

The Chateaux of France

Weddings in France will rise in popularity this year. Couples are more adventurous and willing to look outside the typical regions for a venue. The rustic chateaux of France are romantic, overlooking picture-perfect expanses of scenic rolling countryside. They are ideal for inviting your party to stay on-site to enjoy a relaxing extended weekend of celebration with you.

Majestic Castles of England

The majestic castles of England are also some of the best places for destination weddings in all of Europe. Fit for royalty, many castles offer on-site accommodations, world-class catering and multiple sites where you can host all of your pre- and post-wedding parties, in addition to your main events.

English Garden Weddings

Weddings in England are desirable for both the quality, and the variety of venues, and for the convenience of international travel. If your wedding vision is more rural and outdoors than opulent, there are many sublime classic English gardens available as weddings venues. You can have a laid-back lawn party in the afternoon followed by an ethereal garden wedding amidst cottages and the English countryside, straight out of a fairytale.

Mysterious Castles of Portugal

Our luxury wedding designers are particularly excited about the increased popularity of destination weddings in Portugal in 2019. If you love the sea, but want to incorporate the mysterious feel of Europe’s ancient castles, Portugal may be for you.

Architecture in Portugal is colorful and eclectic, with influences from Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. The design possibilities are endless, and the food is incredible. Guests can relax and enjoy the sea or take a proper European vacation full of shopping, dining and touring museums, historic attractions and more. A destination wedding in Portugal is something truly special.

Get Lost in Provence or Disappear in the Lemon Gardens of Capri

Not every luxury destination wedding requires a castle or mansion, of course. Some couples seek the ultimate European escape and an event like none their friends and family have seen or experienced.

Wedding in Provence

The culture and cuisine of Provence, France are highly influenced by the Mediterranean. Abbeys, former monasteries, and chateaux are among the many venues appropriate for a Provencal celebration of love. The temperate Mediterranean climate allows ceremonies and reception to be held outside most of the year, and our luxury wedding designers love the challenge of highlighting both the Old World charm and the unique contemporary story of our couples into exquisite events.

Lemon Gardens of Capri, Italy

A destination wedding in Italy on the famed Amalfi Coast, is a true escape from the harried pace of the modern world. In 2019, couples will select from numerous private villas in one of the best-kept secrets of the destination wedding world. The region is renowned for its citrus gardens, often surrounding intimate spaces edged by wrought iron. While Capri is fast gaining the attention of destination couples, it is still a premier hideaway for couples seeking peace.

We are truly excited about 2019 and all of the unique luxury wedding destinations our couples will choose!