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Harper’s Bazaar

“Your name is Jane, my name is Shane…we have to get married,” remembers Jane of her future groom’s quick and daring opening line. The two were introduced by mutual friends, and couldn’t help but notice the lyrical nature of… [Read More]

The Wall Street Journal

As weddings trend smaller, couples are culling guest lists dramatically. But with budgets that still rival large weddings, guests who make the cut are treated to the works. WSJ’s Alina Dizik discusses with Tanya Rivero on Lunch Break… [Read More]

The New York Times

The bride and groom were once the main attraction at a wedding. Then came the band. Couples spent months listening to tapes — yes tapes — or they booked a talented D.J. to coerce attendees onto the dance floor. Now the… [Read More]

the huffington post

Weddings are no joke. Although the Big Day itself is light and seamless, what most people don’t realize is how much effort really went into it. From the elaborate lighting design all the way down to the flavor of the cake… [Read More]


« Ça va, je suis bien ? », demande Adriana dans le salon Excel­sior de l’Hô­tel Hermi­tage, à Monaco. On s’étonne qu’elle ose poser la ques­tion. Maquillée et coif­fée dès 7 h 30, sa beauté est irréelle, autant que ses illustres jambes dont… [Read More]

The Knot

Unique lighting can instantly transform any space, that’s why so many couples are drawn to chandeliers. Whether your event aesthetic is glam, rustic or somewhere in between, a chandelier can be a wonderful way to create a little… [Read More]

Wedding Wire

While large organizations wear their philosophies on their sleeve, it’s just as important for small businesses to have tenets that keep them on the right track. A company philosophy explains the mission statement – how do you plan to achieve it and… [Read More]


Once the initial engagement euphoria tapers off, it’s completely normal to get overwhelmed by the onslaught of decisions you need to make leading up to the big day. It’s all too easy to let self-care fall by the wayside during this hectic time… [Read More]

Special Event

It is well known that a large portion of the population may not have enormous monetary wealth, but still strive to enjoy life’s comforts to the best of their abilities. Luxury being the state of great comfort lends us to think the more comfortable… [Read More]

Wedding Planner

One can never speak in absolutes when it comes to business.There are patterns that we acknowledge, however, and models to help us achieve our business goal. The pattern or typical evolution of a wedding planning business begins with a single… [Read More]

Wedding Business

An up close and personal interview with Fabrice Orlando, CEO of Cocoon Events & Luxury Services. He talks candidly to us about online branding and how he believes the most important thing you can do to evolve your brand is to be yourself… [Read More]